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Katrina Antonovich - Top Exterior Dubai Designer

Katrina Antonovich - Top Exterior Designer in Dubai

Katrina Antonovich - Top Exterior Designer in Dubai


What does the best architecture company in Dubai look like, and how will you know when you see it? There are several elements, all of which have a bearing on the quality and value of design: look and feel, assessment, versatility, work ethic, and culture. The quality of exterior design is in how these elements work together. A great design firm is not enough if the assessment system values only part of it. A wonderful architectural project is not enough if the quality of work is poor. What makes an architectural firm great is having the balance and the dynamics right. How rich is the portfolio? How well do the designers personalize their approach to each client? How much discretion and creativity does the firm allow its designers? How well does the architectural firm relate with the society and the community at large?


Does the architectural firm have a broad, balanced, and dynamic portfolio? The design portfolio is the content of a design: what clients are meant to know, understand, and be able to do. There is the requirement, which is what designers are required to cover. There are the other requirements, which is what they can choose to cover, including optional add-ons and other services. There is the whole portfolio, which is all of the above; the complete range of experiences the architectural firm offers. Exterior design is a huge business in Dubai. The history goes a long way with regards to culture and traditions. Luxury Antonovich Design, along with its dynamic team of architects and interior designers are the leaders in terms of exterior design, not only in Dubai, not only in the Middle East but across the whole world; reaching different countries, in 6 continents. This makes Luxury Antonovich Design the best in its field. Be it master planning, design ideas, or a fully implemented project. This is spearheaded by the wonderful Katrina Antonovich. She remains steadfast despite the ever-changing world.


Like literacy, the design is the gateway to a beautiful system in many other disciplines and involves essential skills for versatility and work independently. The ability to apply design at some level is essential in many fields. Regardless of what our smart devices can now do for us, it’s very difficult to get by in our world without a solid foundation in design. More than that, a design is a beautiful discipline in its own right. These principles are what makes Katrina Antonovich and her company the best architecture firm in Dubai.  Her work ethic, her values, and her design style are what makes her a stand out from the rest of its competition. It is undeniable that Luxury Antonovich Design is a league on its own.

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