Each historical epoch becomes understandable thanks to Interior design styles.And in every epoch, there is a common thing that unites. This desire of mankind to the comfort, convenience and beauty. Private house - it is always a source of joy.And the way it will look very closely related to what time we live. And currently - this is perhaps the most beautiful time to create a cozy, comfortable and stylish interiors.

Most popular Interior design styles are:

  • Classic Style
  • Modern Classic
  • Contemporary Style

Classic Style

This style had liked over the centuries for its beauty and luxury palatial charm. And today more than ever, you can improvise in creating interiors in a classic style.Is possible to add accents of Baroque, Rococo, Empire. And modern palaces become especially beautiful thanks to the emergence of modern technologies. The new play of glare of the crystal, gold, marble, and stucco molding is made possible by new ways of lighting. Classic style in the interior - it's a great opportunity to highlight their status and gentility. And this style is able to express all the skills and talent of the interior designer. Perfect harmony in a combination of materials, colors, and textures. With all the pomp decor everything should be concise and elegant. The traditional elements of a classic interior - a stucco decoration, carved decoration, classic images bas-reliefs and furniture in this style.

Modern Classic

This style becomes more and more developed. Designers improvising with modern materials to create an interior in the style of modern classics. They are more concise and not overloaded as the décor classic interiors. It is possible to safely embed elements of high-tech or minimalism. A modern classic becomes the reflection of the new millennium when the comfort and luxury acquiring intellectual meaning. The world's leading manufacturers of furniture and fabrics create a special collection for this style interiors. World designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio create the unique beauty of the interiors in this direction, combining incongruous and improvising with materials and textures. We are witnessing the birth of a new style, which yet has no name, many projects points to it by its appearance.

Contemporary Style

In an age of fast developing technologies, modern style in the interior - it's almost like jump into the future. As fast as inventing of new and new gadgets, interior designers also creating fast new and unique ideas in a modern style. An obligatory part of every project becomes a smart house system. The modern style in the interior is absolutely unique in its beauty by the combination of glass and steel, unusual use of space and new ways of lighting. The interiors in a modern style of Luxury Antonovich design studio in Dubai,its design projects comparable with the works of modern art. Thus many of our customers want to emphasize their uniqueness and understanding of beauty.

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