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Exquisite Interior Design Masterpieces by Antonovich Group

Interiors created by Antonovich Group is not influenced by fashion trends. She creates true masterpieces, including the decoration of interiors. The classic style of the interior has always been and will remain relevant.And talented designer complements it with new trends of ease and glowing. This design implies luxury and chic, so if the basis for the decoration of the house is selected the classic style by Antonovich Group, you should prepare for an excellent result, that will delight for many years.

In the contemporary world, however, all messed up, and often, to this kind of decoration could attribute all that is decorated not according to modern style. But this style is, in fact, emerged on the use of ancient images, rigorous and balanced lines, luxury and expensive natural materials.

The main features of the interior design in the style of modern classics

The presence of luxury - necessarily. It is an indispensable and most important attribute of any classical interior. Materials to be used should be maximally natural. Or not concede in quality characteristics. If this wall decoration, you need a beautiful and high-quality coating of paper or fabric. The colors may be different, but it is advisable not to use flashy colors. The main topics of pictures - vegetation forms and geometrically regular patterns. Furniture - only from natural and beautifully treated wood, and in this case - not the cheapest . The excellent look has cherry, oak or walnut. Decorating traditionally performed in fabric or leather. The columns may be used or not, for decoration, but their presence adds a chic to a room and for the overall design of massiveness. The decoration of the ceiling, you can often see the modeled decor. The colors that work best - white, light and dark beige or light gray. In modernized versions of decoration, often refuse this element. But the true classic interior always made out according to the rules, and stucco molding is necessarily present.

A distinctive feature of these interiors will be no superfluous details and clutter of unnecessary accessories.At the same time, their presence is necessary, the main thing - all should be in moderation. Excellent look vases, chandeliers and small figures of plaster or marble. Accessories must comply with the intended purpose of premises. In the offices, it can be chess, smoking devices. The bedrooms - draperies, curtains. For living rooms suit vases with flowers and small statues. All items must be well in harmony, and create a complete picture. Design studio in Abu Dhabi Antonovich Group will make for you a unique interior. We will help you with decoration of the house as well - with the selection and purchasing of the necessary accessories. Very often, designed rooms in such a way , you can see a combination of white, blue and gold hues.The total range of colors should not be flashy but could shine with gilding.

Materials for best interior design houses

Due to the fact that it is necessary only natural material, decoration materials are very expensive, therefore, different manufacturers offer a variety of very decent variations. Cover the floor is an expensive wood or stone. To decorate walls can be used traditional wallpaper of paper or fabric with a pattern or monochromatic finishing. The main thing here - calm tones, adding solidity to the room. Ceilings - white, beige or ivory. These colors are best suited for traditional working cabinets, bedrooms or living rooms. Even the bathroom is not ignored - all items must match. Materials suitable for its finishes - wood, natural stone, and marble. Furniture is usually massive, good-quality and leaves no doubt of its quality. Only leather, wood expensive breeds, and strict forms.

Stylish kitchen design by Antonovich Group

Opulent home office by Antonovich Group

Chic dining room design by Antonovich Group

Luxurious bedroom interior by Antonovich Group

Elegant living room design by Antonovich Group

Sophisticated bathroom interior by Antonovich Group

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