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Interior Design Services Dubai


Luxury Antonovich Design has been developing a set of huge projects in Dubai and internationally. It has been very well known on its expertise providing the best luxury interior design set up with a very unique and artistic form of architectural and interior design. Luxury Antonovich Design has the most professional and skillful interior designer Dubai that has the full ability to execute huge villas and projects which have very high standards and requirements when it comes to the full project developments. Every project shall be started with very systematic procedures and a very meticulous arrangement of every part of the structure. For every royal style interior design Dubai, it always requires full elegance in style and arrangement such as customized furniture and decorations.

Luxury Interior Design Dubai by Katrina Antonovich

It has been such a great advantage by the Luxury Antonovich Design to have its own manufacturing and factory that can accommodate a high volume of furniture design products that will be sustainable for the Luxury Antonovich Design projects all over the world. As the best provider of the interior design services Dubai and international, Luxury Antonovich design is always making sure that every furniture and decorations are being formed and created with a premium class quality and high-end design. It has the world’s top furniture designers, skilled production team and professional joiners that have the full ability to perform different stylish furniture design in any concept. 

Interior design services Dubai

Classical Interior Design Concept has the most detailed requirements when it comes to furniture features and arrangments. And for the Royal style interior design setting, we are offering custom made furniture design that will give an extra luxury and elegance towards the full area. Lighting and ceiling design will be the best part of the decorations that require a very artistic choice. As the top interior design Dubai, we are providing customized chandeliers and lighting arrangements along with the magnificent ceiling and gypsum work design to achieve the perfect blend of brightness towards the full set up of the luxury interior design Dubai. For the full lighting and customized chandelier design, we are offering the full services and solutions from the design selections, deliveries, installation and fixing to make sure that every piece has been perfectly arranged accordingly that will be resulting in the most luxurious set up for the interior design Dubai. 

Interior Design Services Dubai

Interior Design Services Dubais Dubai

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