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Luxury Interior design Dubai the best

Interior design Dubai the best -  allows you to transform  the premise to  a comfort zone for the life of each person. The main task of the interior design studio Luxury Antonovich Design is to create a harmonious space, which is characterized by the beauty, coziness, style, comfort, and functionality. Professional interior design studios must be able to turn the ordinary residential, office or commercial premises to the space corresponding to the lifestyle of its owner. Today is not so easy to find craftsmen who can turn an ordinary dwelling into a house where every detail is carefully planned so that simply could not be in another way to imagine the perfect place for working, relaxing or entertaining. That's  how always doing the job the studio  of architecture and design - Luxury Antonovich Design.

Our studio works in the following areas:

  • Interior design (design interiors of residential, public and commercial premises).
  • The architectural design of buildings (design drawings of residential and public buildings and redevelopment of premises).
  • Landscape design

Individual work with every client

The main advantage of working with us is a completely individual approach to each client. Architects design studio Luxury Antonovich Design initially listens to the wishes of the customer, discussing with him various ideas and solutions, and only after all the issues resolved, our professional designers will begin to develop the project design. Our customers are both private individuals and businesses, so you can order almost any design project of premises or places:

  • Residential house, cottage, apartment.
  • Bar, restaurant, cafe.
  • Hotels and recreation center.
  • Shop, a beauty salon, boutique.
  • Office, etc.

Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design interior - is one of the most promising companies in the decoration of premises in Dubai.It was founded by young talented architects and designers - professionals. In developing any design project, experts considering as the customer's wishes , and modern fashion trends.After all, this combination allows you to create the interior design is not only stylish but also exclusive. During project development,interiors  design studio Luxury Antonovich Design  takes into consideration absolutely all the details, including the form, color, texture design details, as well as lighting, in which owner will be most of the time. Abu Dhabi design studio's experts  not only develop the interior design but also provide the technical capabilities to implement innovative solutions. Before you implement any idea, architects considering some technical problems and when they find the best solutions, interior design studio brings them to the project.

The purpose of our work

The main objective of studio interiors Luxury Antonovich Design - it is a design space in which people will feel absolute harmony, watching every detail of a new image of their home.To resolve this task , our interior design studio takes into account plenty of details, including ergonomics, specifications, functionality. All this in a beautiful setting contributes to a cozy and comfortable stay in the house. Modern interior design of apartments, developed by our company, is the key to your good mood.Each of our design project has been developed in such a way that customers are happy, and looking forward  to returning to the new home.
Our studio interiors for each customer working on several completely different of premises planning options. Choosing one of them, the customer can make certain adjustments, add, replace or remove any item. Thus, in close cooperation with the customer, we are seeking to create the ideal interior, which would satisfy all aesthetic needs of man, and was also the most functional for him. Interior studio Luxury Antonovich Design  is able to intelligently and stylishly generate Interior design Dubai the best, which eventually translate into reality the  amazingly beautiful and original design.

We always satisfy our clients and implement all their dreams come true!


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