What is the African interior design? It is the bright, unusual colors and objects that the Europeans had liked so much, that they took African interior design ideas. They began to create a unique stylization of the hottest continent, which served as the impetus for the emergence of a new design direction.

To recreate the real picture of Africa today is quite problematic and expensive. And all because there is a banal lack of characteristic elements. Skins of wild animals, furniture made of ebony, exotic feathers and claws — all this is a characteristic feature of the style, but getting all these items, sometimes, is very difficult. Therefore, modern African interior design ideas, it is a unique stylization that has its own character.

Interior Design Africa

Exotic decor, as a complex puzzle, is made up of different details, such as warm colors, materials, interior details and national ornaments.

Luxurious interior with the help of African interior design ideas is created with the help of fiery, juicy colors, characteristic for all hot countries. Therefore, all shades of red, orange, yellow and brown are good. They are bright accents, but the basis is still neutral. Typically, uses the color of milk. Black deep color in the interior is used only as a decoration, often a game of contrast. To yellow colors, a deep blue shade is necessarily added, the main thing that as a result, the very warm palette.

Any living room in the African style is decorated with very colorful easily recognizable techniques. The decoration uses wood, ceramics and stone, only natural fabrics and items of arts and crafts. The African living room is full of statues of gods and animals, it can have big vases filled with high exotic flowers or dry plants. Only heavy dark furniture is selected, which has simple geometric shapes. As a central accent in the African interior design, animal skins, lamps and variegated carpets with colorful national ornaments can be used. Zigzags, circles of all colors of the rainbow, straw or leather braid — to find the characteristic accessories today is not so difficult, they are simple and decorative.

Elements of decor using African interior design ideas can appear in any room. Bedroom decorated in the traditional exotic — is a unique place. Soft pillows, bright bedspreads, knitted panels, lampshades from linen or cotton, made in the colors of African countries — all together gives an interior that will delight the eye and create a positive mood.

African interior design ideas most clearly manifest themselves in the design of the kitchen space. Rattan wicker furniture, wooden utensils, figurines, masks of shamans and mirrors in bamboo frames — the kitchen will make it possible to use this theme well and in all its glory demonstrate the peculiarities of the African style.