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Huge Selection of Furniture Collection in Dubai


Luxury Antonovich Design's showroom displays some of the best furniture that you will see in Dubai. The designs are created to showcase the elegance of a home. In this article, the furniture designs give off the essence of beauty. The colors are done carefully to give the furniture a much more stunning design. The materials were created to have a masterpiece in every element. The combination of different materials is all well-thought of. Every design is made with intricacy and elegance.

Katrina Antonovich - Furniture Designer in UAE

The luxurious vibe that Luxury Antonovich Design gives is always and has been commendable for several years. The chairs in differentiating colors are very strategic as it provides an additional luxury feel to the room. The piano adds extravagance to the room. The teal blue colored shell sofa is something very unique and beautiful. Overall, the color is gold which is done perfectly to have a luxurious room. 

We are endeavoring to keep up consistency in overhauling our customer's needs by giving imaginative worldwide plans and being versatile to change even through innovative angles. We are persistently developing! As the years progressed, our way of thinking has stayed reliable - to furnish our clients with top designs just as great customer service. Luxury Antonovich Design offers a wide cluster of contemporary furniture and home stylistic themes. Our furniture plans are remarkably in beauty as well as agreeable for your advanced living. 

We are resolved to furnish our customers with furniture that are sturdy and savvy, by and by hand-picking and investigating stunning assets. Luxury Antonovich Design is established on solid good rules that we live by and execute in accommodating and serving our customers. Trustworthiness exemplifies our entire company, regardless of whether in the honesty of our activities to keep up perfection in serving; we endeavor to be steady. We have a huge collection of furniture from couch sets, feasting sets, closet, bed outlines, racks, tables, chairs and shoe storage rooms. Also, the plans shift from contemporary to modern ideas. 

Regardless of whether you live in a house or a condominium unit, we at Luxury Antonovich Design are here to help you to make a home that is luxurious and beautiful. The best part is that we're consistent. Luxury Antonovich Design hand-picked the furniture to guarantee that it is made by all accounts. By specifically checking the furnishings, we can precisely physically check its solidness as far as craftsmanship and material utilized. 

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