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The Ultimate Guide to Office Fitout Timelines


If youre finishing an office fit-out this year, youre probably wondering how long itll take. The amount of time you spend on your office fit-out may have an influence on your productivity and the market success of your company. As a result, its critical to have a set timetable in place.

However, there is no predetermined period for your office to be set up. This will be determined by a variety of criteria, which will be detailed further down.

Furniture installation in a modern office fitout

Luxury Antonovich Design is a reliable, competent, and highly trained office fit-out firm in Dubai. Weve done a wide range of interior fit-out projects in a number of sectors, including office interior fit-out, with varying sizes and specifications. We recognize that the look and feel of your workplace is a vital component of your organization and that it should appropriately reflect your brand, business, and corporate values. Your business fit-out should not only be attractive but should also be planned to maximize efficiency and performance. It should also be a place where your valued staff may be happy and healthy. We work in a very hands-on procedure towards all of our clients to help them achieve their environmental goals, improve energy, water, and resource efficiency, and create inspiring workplaces that improve employee health and happiness while also delivering operational savings by lowering utility costs when delivering an office interior fit-out.

Completed office fitout showcasing a productive workspace


Luxury Antonovich Design has its own manufacturing and factory that produces the widest range of furniture and decorations including office furniture and materials. Our Company is very well known as the provider of customized and luxury furniture design which has been recently being demand as well in a very office interior design. As we offer complete interior fitout services for office interior design, Our Company always assures us to do all the deliverables, installation and fixing to be able to ensure the finest interior design result for the office.

Team collaboration for a successful office fitout

Construction phase during an office fitout

Office fitout planning and design process


• Systematic Space Planning

• Design & Build Project

• Expert Project Management

• Renovation

• Redecoration

• Refurbishment

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