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Have A Stunning Interior Design Like This!


It is definitely a must to have a beautiful home that enables you to have a life where you could enjoy your every day. With Luxury Antonovich Design, we have structured numerous luxurious interior designs that shows the passion of art and design. This new luxurious interior design by the company'score team is designed to make the family have a place where luxury and beauty comes into one. The gold-dominant interior design has the elements of extravagant style that meets modern and contemporary vibe. It has accents of navy blue which goes well to the overall theme of the interior.

Katrina Antonovich - Designer for Stunning Interior

One biggest thing to note here is the chandelier. The chandelier design is just magnificent. Several hanging lights are placed to give a beautiful and luxurious style to the room. The interior design helps the chandelier and vice versa to have a place where interior design is designed to have an intriguing and amazing style to the room. Aside from the chandelier, the walls are kept clean in neat to highlight other parts of the room's interior such as the furniture and smaller accents. The flooring is likewise simple with carpets that are in navy blue with abstract design.

The whole theme of the design is very nice and cool with designs that are anything but extraordinary. The sofa in gold materials is stunning with tables that blend well in the design. The mirror is also a huge step up to the design of the interior as it gives the room a feeling of modernism. The television rack and the cabinet is done perfectly with a diamond pattern that makes the room a nice design. The gold is just so stunning and beautiful.

The black design on the other side of the room adds sophistication and balance to the overall clean vibe of the room. The black accent color is gorgeous adds luxury and beauty. Everything about this door is done right. The theater room's vibe is beautifully created and the feel of the home is done magnificently.

The shapes in the whole interior design also add value to the room. You will notice octagons, and hexagons on some parts of the room, giving a more modern feel to the interior design. The lines add beauty and luxury to the room. The marbled flooring also gives beauty and stunningness to the room. Every shape and abstract design to the room add a beauty to the interior design of the style and vibe of the room. Contact us today to find out more about interior design as we have more to offer. You will surely love the designs that we have created and we can customize one for you.

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