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Harmony interior design

Harmony Majlis Interior Design

East is associated with refinement and luxury, and a house should be a comfortable place to relax from the hustle of everyday life. Majlis in magnificent Orient style will be for you a paradise and colorful corner, reminiscent of a fairy-tale world. The room should be an atmosphere of sophistication and excitement, while at the same time simple forms, soft and smooth lines in majlis interior design are welcomed. The colors for majlis interior design should be selected from the spectrum of warm and saturated tones. It is allowed a colorful and bright decoration, the main thing is to use natural colors.

Necessary items of the majlis interior design, and certainly present in the majlis — is low furniture, handmade carpets, many textiles and pillows in silk pillowcases. On the walls, there can be samples of antiques cold weapons, and in one corner of the room or in the center could be a real eastern hookah. A special role has textile. It is canopies, pillows, curtains, draperies on the walls. All this is generously decorated with beads, fringes, and tassels.

Well, how not to mention the mandatory attribute of the majlis interior design — carpet. During the great centuries-long history of this textile miracle, has been developed a technique of weaving that has no equal to this day. Arabian carpets impress with their beauty and are real works of art.

The furniture in majlis interior design is low, massive mainly it is sofas, ottomans, tables, chests of drawers, chests, cupboards. It is made of dark wood, decorated with metal, gilding, carving, mosaic, as well as inlaid with stones, ivory, and pearl. It is impossible to imagine majlis without wide low sofas and armchairs. This is an indispensable important attribute. And, soft furniture should be upholstered with expensive velvet, silk or brocade fabric. But the upholstery should not be monochrome. Bright colors and ornaments must highlight the upholstery fabric.

Colors in Harmony interior design

Majlis interior design stands out for its brightness, diversity in the combination of colors. Especially to emphasize luxury and wealth, shades of emerald, bronze, gold, purple, red, blue and burgundy colors are used.

In conclusion, we note that planning to create an Arab fairy tale in your house, pay attention to the materials. Oriental style involves the use of wood and stone. Neither plastic nor metal can create a feeling of comfort and coziness, which gives orient majlis.

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