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Hamam Design

Hamam Design is part of every project of an elite house in the east.

That, an interesting premise with its special purpose in the works of designers Luxury Antonovich Design acquires a particularly luxurious charm. Turkish baths Arabs called Hammam. In Arabic, "hammam" means "spreading heat". Hammam occupies a special place in the Eastern culture due to the preaching of Islam. It is believed that the hammam is not only for the cleansing the body but also of the human soul, the eastern philosophy played its role here, for eastern people visiting the hammam is a whole ritual. Therefore, it is important not only to cleanse your body well but also get an aesthetic pleasure from the interior of the hammam.

Hamam finishing option

Hamam differs from Russian and Finnish baths. The main difference in the design of the Turkish bath is the lack of wood in the finish, mainly for the decoration used marble, marble mosaic or glass mosaic. In the design of the hammam sophistication and richness are prevail. At the same time, everything is thought out in it, every little thing has its own function, which helps to create maximum comfort for visitors. The entire atmosphere of the hammam should contribute to regular visits. In the Turkish bath, besides the bath itself, it is supposed to have a massage, peeling, aromatherapy. Naturally, when visiting the hammam, it is rest after a leisurely conversation, so it will be appropriate to have tea and light refreshments.

When designing hammam should be taken into account all the moments that are related to the specifics of the Turkish baths. When creating an interior, you must consider certain rules. It is important to choose the heating system, arrange the proper waterproofing, ventilation, and steam supply system. No less attention, in the construction of a Turkish bath should be paid to decoration and design. As the main elements of Turkish baths in classical version uses marble, and marble mosaic, as well as Smalt. Hammam can have any shape, be round, square or polygonal. Since Turkey is considered to be the homeland of the hammam, oriental motifs and patterns should be present in the decoration of the premises.

An important element of the design is the walls. The Arabs did not like to use monotonous bas-reliefs and smooth surfaces. The walls were often decorated with marble or plaster plates with a relief pattern, the grooves were painted with purple or blue tones, and the protruding parts were painted with rich gilding. Later, to that was given the name "arabesque". Ornaments that adorn the interior walls, loungers, and ceiling, should be smooth and refined, combining a clear geometry. Decorated walls, should set the visitors to relax and get emotional pleasure. In the classical hammam, there should be niches in which visitors can completely relax, getting the curative effects of warm and fragrant steam. In modern hammams used orthopedic bench-sofas, which provide a comfortable position of the body, which makes it possible to completely relax.


The ceiling in the hamam has the shape of a dome or arch, thanks to which the condensate formed on the ceiling flows down the walls, not dripping on visitors. It can be decorated with stained-glass windows that let light into Bath. The ceiling can be designed with the effect of the starry sky. This can be achieved by installing in the ceiling glasses and stones of different shapes, which due to the reflection penetrating into hammam will create this effect. An interesting additional visual effect will be the invisible illumination of the dome. For modern decoration of the hammam, a large selection of building materials is available: marble slabs, glass or marble mosaic, tiles, decorative panels, friezes. In the design of the hammam, it is not necessary to use oriental motifs, you can create your own individual style if only all the details harmoniously combined and created a feeling of comfort and harmony. In the hammams an illusion of the "Thousand and One Nights" is created, this helps architects, designers, and artists to find a psychological approach to the modern person who is tired of the bustle and noise of cities. Thanks to the hammam, a person immerses himself in a fabulous atmosphere, where feels serenity and happiness. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of the construction of bath Hammam in the world.

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