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Luxurious Hall interior design

The romantic exterior of the country mansion, with luxury architectural solutions, perfectly match the internal design of the interior.

Elegant classic emphasized by easy touches of Art Deco. In the interior, the old good traditions perfectly coexist with interesting design solutions.The house became a symbol of the good life, a demonstration of the status of its owners and the epitome of luxury.

What could better reflect the solid status and success than own home? It is at all times, a symbol of luxury and beautiful life.Modern fashion in the design of houses tends to the romantic style, and luxurious architectural extravagance.The external appearance of a country house full of elegance and lightness.Such a visual image the designers achieved thanks to the use in the construction of large terraces and various architectural elements. Graceful pilasters, classical balustrades, curls stucco decoration, sculptural elements on the roof, it all forms a beautiful picture of the external appearance of the building. The game of light and shade complements the appearance of the house with a different mood during the day. Forged lamps, that adorned the house around the perimeter, repeat contours of large lights in the garden. This luxury, raised to the power when the interior is in harmony with the exterior, and the exterior blends perfectly with the landscape design.
Crossing the threshold of the house, you find yourself in the beautiful hall with elegant and noble traits. The marble surface of the floor complemented stylish carved pattern, which pretty resonates with ceiling decoration.The ceiling sets the tone of sublimity and lightness in the interior.It decorated by a deep niche with several tiers of thin moldings and gilt trim. The arches of the ceiling are supported by graceful marble columns with white capitals.Mirrors on the walls in massive gilt frames underline the solid status of the interior. The walls near the staircase portal area decorated with faceted mirrored panels. A marble staircase wonderfully blended into the interior, thanks to the magnificent of forged balustrade.
Interior of the living room decorated with a luxury handmade furniture and accessories. Comfortable chairs and sofas upholstered in precious textiles done in warm beige colors, which blends perfectly with the decoration of the windows.The center of the living room defined by the massive elegant chandelier.It looks luxurious with charming floor lamps with white lamp shades and crystal pendants. Modern plasma screen very harmoniously blended in a magnificent interior picture, thanks to a massive carved frame. A wonderful symbol of the warmth of the house hearth is a marble fireplace, the designers have placed not only in the living room but in the bedroom. Each of the fireplaces is an exquisite sculptural composition.
Royal luxury bedroom interior succinctly continued the stylish look of interior decoration of the house. Comfortable bed with a high upholstered headboard is inlaid with carved decoration with gold leaf gilding. The warmth of home comfort emphasized floor made of the floorboard with an exquisite ornament. The sophisticated design of the ceiling is fascinated by its perfect geometry of the shapes and lines.
The kitchen is combined with a spacious dining room. The center of the ceiling is adorned with a niche with lighting, the pattern of which repeats decorative pattern on furniture. Behind facades that are decorated with lovely goldish curls, hide the most advanced food storage systems.Designers masterfully combine in the interior luxury and functionality. Dining room decorated with a large oval table made of wood valuable species. High velvet chairs of noble posture, upholstered by velvet of light lilac shade.

Perfection is in the details, luxury in every detail and flawless harmony, filled the suburban mansion with a good mood of the eternal celebration of life.

Hall interior design

elite Hall interior design

interior  of the country mansion

Gorgeous interior  design

staircase portal

exotic marble staircase

unique pattern in hall interior

Hall interior design

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