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The living room and the sitting room are the main rooms that sets the tone for the whole house or cottage interior. The decor of the living room is an indicator of the taste of the owners of the house. The room is especially beautiful if you make custom-made furniture and also invite a professional interior designer. In order for the interior design of your house, apartment or cottage to fully meet the needs of your family, as well as make an unforgettable impression on the invited guests do not miss your chance, and use the services of our company — Luxury Antonovich Design.

The interior of the living and sitting room turned out to be unique and as functional as possible. The color palette of the house interior Dubai is made in soothing colors, the main accents of the rooms are furniture sets and amazing curtains of rich fabrics of turquoise color. The sofas with lovely decorative cushions of pastel beige and peachy colors are the center of attraction and the main figure in the living and sitting room interior. There is nothing superfluous in the interior, everything is functional and tastefully decorated by our dedicated team of Luxury Antonovich Design. The result of this project in Dubai is a comfortable interior of the house design, which set the tone for the rest of the rooms in this cottage.


The project of this gorgeous house interior design Dubai is designed for a family who wants to see in its own living space a lot of air, freedom, functional furniture, objects of classical and modern forms. The room has an exclusive feature: it is equipped with an elevator connecting the living space on several levels.The main task for our architects and designers of Luxury Antonovich Design was to fit a super-modern elevator into the interior of neoclassicism. The secret is in the materials, decoration and feeling of this uneasy style.

The interior of the rooms is made in soothing colors, dominated by beige and cream colors with bright accents. Rooms have large windows that create a lot of light. Natural materials were used everywhere: natural stone — marble, wood, glass, textiles. The multilevel ceiling is formed due to the massive step eaves, which visually makes the room higher. A massive classical chandelier and cute lamps complete the overall impression of solemnity.

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