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Gold Chandeliers - Luxury And Chic Of Interior


Lighting devices by Luxury Antonovich Design are full participants in design creation. Often, they become the main focus in the overall interior. Today, the scope of lighting design offers a huge variety of models made from different materials. The use of precious metal finishing is not limited to the classics.

Katrina Antonovich And Chandeliers Design

An assortment of chandeliers decorated or made entirely of precious metal — gold, will show you original solutions created for minimalist, glamorous, vintage, classic and modern interiors. Luxury Antonovich Design specialists are ready to offer you exclusive solutions developed by experienced masters of our company, as well as masters of famous world brands. Natural gold covers the base of the lighting fixtures, small decorative elements are cast from it, it is used for painting. The chandeliers decorated with the presented material by Luxury Antonovich Design are distinguished by their special charm. Aristocracy and nobility, luxury and solemnity — in whatever style chandeliers would not be made, they will always be distinguished by refinement and chic.


Chandelier, decorated with crystal and gold is the traditional solution for classic interiors. Light reflected in the gilding and exquisite crystal pendants will fill the room with solemnity and a festive mood. Lighting devices from Luxury Antonovich Design, created according to old canons, as well as the principles of harmony and symmetry, fascinate with greatness. 

Luxury and chic — these characteristics are inherent in the interior and in the style of Art Deco and glamour. A design that combines contrasts, various textures, brilliance, will effectively complement the equally extravagant ceiling chandelier in gold. A variety of forms and lines of modern style designers of Luxury Antonovich Design masterly used in their models. Laconic chandeliers with elaborate trim can be the main focus of rigorous and practical design.

The nobility of plant and flower motifs in chandeliers, made using crystal and gold, is fascinating. The sophistication and grace of these chandeliers will not leave anyone indifferent. Self-sufficiency of the presented material allows using it in minimalistic or high-tech solutions. Flat surfaces covered with gilding look really impressive. Forged ceiling chandelier decorated with gold will be appropriate in the oriental interior. For an exotic design, details play an important role, therefore, each chandelier made in the presented style can be called a work of art. Gold, along with crystal, is a symbol of luxury and solemnity. Noble materials are exactly what you need to create a chic interior.

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