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Modern interior design is not only stylish furniture or maximum free space. Designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Company are increasingly paying attention to the green side of the issue, as well as improving the comfort of living due to technological advances. So, what innovations in the design and fit-out of apartments can you get today?


Furniture design of apartments — without which it is impossible to imagine any work on interior decoration. After all, furniture fills most of your space, on it you eat, relax, sleep. It surrounds you throughout the house.

The main task for the designer who is engaged in furniture arrangement is to make the interior seamless and stylistically uniform, to ensure that the space of the apartment is a single finished composition in which all the elements will blend beautifully, and also provide functional convenience. That is why the furniture design of apartments is not just the arrangement of sofas and armchairs in a room. There are a large number of options that make it possible to make a truly personal space out of a typical layout by Luxury Antonovich Design.


Our best specialists in the design of furniture will help you see the wide variety of opportunities that design provides. Living room furniture can be built-in, or, on the contrary, can occupy most of the room, inviting you to relax and unwind. It all depends on your desire and the place that you will equip.


The list of services for decorating the interior of an apartment, house, or public premises include:

  • Interior decoration with natural and artificial materials: stone, wood, metal, plastic or glass;
  • Application of decorative coatings and plasters;
  • Interior decoration with fabrics: curtains, textile design;
  • Art painting, gilding, drawing ornaments;
  • Moldings, relief, columns, stained-glass;
  • Decoration with chandeliers, lamps, paintings, sculptures and other accessories.



The direction of environmentally friendly interiors in the process of decorating apartments or building villas by Luxury Antonovich Design is supported by manufacturers of building and finishing materials.

The specialists of our company use innovative eco-materials for fit-out and construction work. The list of the latest materials used is constantly updated:

  • Eco-friendly interior paint;
  • Innovative decorative plasters;
  • Reinforcing synthetic fiber for concrete;
  • Eco-friendly alternative to ceramic tiles;
  • Gypsum plaster;
  • Thermo-wood for flooring;
  • Coconut mosaic for wall decoration.


When planning a new interior design or apartment renovation, using innovations in the house, it is worth remembering that you do not perform interior transformations for a year or two. High-quality decoration of the apartment from environmentally friendly materials by Luxury Antonovich design will serve you for many years. And you will be satisfied not only with its appearance, but also with the beneficial effects on the microclimate in your home.


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