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Fendi Apartment Design by Luxury Antonovich Design


In one of the prestigious areas in Dubai, there is a residence created by Luxury Antonovich Design in the sensual aesthetics of the famous Fendi brand. The interior of the spacious apartment is an exquisite composition of modern elegant furniture and unique objects that reflect the delicate taste of the company's designers.

Katrina Antonovich - Famous Interior Designer In Dubai

Exquisite color scheme, including reddish-brown shades of chocolate, interspersed with contrasting accents of turquoise and blue shades, as well as the colors of lava and gold. Sophisticated interior design by Luxury Antonovich Design reflects the high quality of life and emphasizes the aesthetics of the space, combining modern style and an innovative approach to form. In general, the apartment space designed by our company is decorated in a light manner, which allowed us to visually expand the space with panoramic glazing and views of Dubai.

The interior used a lot of velvet and marble, since it is this material that is strongly associated with Luxury Antonovich Design style. The dark lacquered surfaces of cabinet furniture contrast with the light fit-out of walls and ceiling. A convenient layout of space and laconic architecture amaze with light severity and new modern luxury with no frills — here all objects are carefully selected and clearly comply with the principles of a harmonious combination of form, function and aesthetics.

Katrina Antonovich Creates Perfect Interior Dersign


The decoration is done in typical contemporary style tones using rare wood and brilliant gilded decor. The spacious living room is dominated by a majestic semicircular modular sofa with royal blue upholstery. Asymmetrically arranged marble coffee tables emphasize the richness of textures and sophistication of materials.

In the dining area, highlighted by a custom black carpet, the dominant position is a table in glossy finish and designer chairs in white leather. A large-scale ceiling lamp in a modern design completes the composition. This residence is modern in context, and there is comfort, and tranquility, and a certain conservatism.

Spacious bedrooms, full of light and air, also feature a combination of conciseness and luxury. It is dominated by Fendi large beds in upholstery colors of blue-sky and chocolate. It was possible to create coziness thanks to clear zoning, restrained colors and deliberately emphasized openness of the entire interior.

In the design of its interior, Luxury Antonovich Design relies on the style of contemporary, which organically fit elements of classic, modern, art-deco and any other style. Simple elegant forms, harmonious arrangement of objects, varnished surfaces that border on chrome and mirror finishes, bold contrasting colors and various textures of materials — all this fills the interior with a unique style and character.

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