Fantasy Living Room Design


For more than 10 years, we have showcased living room designs with different styles and concepts. We are sure that each of our clients was in love with our works, that is why we are showcasing you more of the living spaces that we designed and how we implemented different textures, colors, and accents with it. In this living room, you will see how we merged two different styles of classic and contemporary into one huge living room. With accents that are obviously classic and a base design which is considered to be more modern, you will definitely be inspired by this living room. When it comes to designing a contemporary living room, there will be some challenges, but the good news is our team of amazing professionals are always ready to help you with anything that you need. We aim to strike the balance between cool modern trends and traditional concepts. We at Luxury Antonovich Design, design a living room is such a way where we outline the interior design that will achieve a contemporary aesthetic that you will truly love. 


Designing a contemporary living room is all about creating designs and features from past and present that you think you would love to represent. We tend to add different features evoking separate points in time — from patterned floorings to classic furniture pieces, up to the choices of fixtures and color palette. Everything in this contemporary living room is merging the past and present design ideas which perfectly fits our client's taste and style. We create a living room space which is comfortable, cozy, and of course stylish. Contemporary is a wonderful concept that has been adopted in many parts of the world. There is no rule in design that says you can only stick with one design philosophy. We created this design with different accents and pieces that are truly eye-catching and we created a composition out of it. You will love the geometric flooring that reflects a retro vibe, while the classic crystal chandelier reflects more of a classical house from the 18th Century era. Whatever approach and design you like, our team of amazing professionals are always ready to execute your chosen designs. 


We want to help you in designing your living room space and here are some of our recommended steps on how we can start helping you with your ideas.

  • Try to define what your design philosophy is. Do you like the traditional design? Or do you want a more minimalist approach? Do you want to mix these two designs together? Once you have answered some of these questions then you would know what design you truly like. 
  • Once you have defined your design philosophy, then it is time for you to consider your budget. It is important that we both know how much you are willing to spend to achieve the perfect living room design for your home. 
  • Set expectations. Living room designing does not happen overnight. It is planned and executed in a timely manner to keep your home outstanding with superb design and concept. 

These are based on our experiences and this is a strategy that works well. Follow these guidelines and you’ll easily understand your personal style. This is how we can find out how we can help give your home the perfect mixture of a contemporary touch. For more design inspiration for living room design, just head to our blog section. Since it's nearly summertime, you might think about redecorating your home soon while it's convenient. You can always contact us for a quote and message us.