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Extravagant Kitchen Interior Design in Dubai


Every designer and homeowner has their own opinions about what makes a great kitchen, but throughout the course of my career, I've learned to rely on a few go-to tactics for producing a successful, useful, and attractive area. Any of these items would significantly improve the attractiveness of a location. If you combined them all, you'd have one fantastic fantasy kitchen. Including diverse forms of lighting in every space is essential, but it's especially important in the kitchen. Natural light is wonderful, but kitchens Dubai also require effective artificial light sources: ambient lighting to provide an overall glow, task lighting to brighten workplaces, and accent lighting to emphasize aspects of the room. As an interior designer in Dubai, one of the most common requests I receive is for extra guest seating. People prefer to cluster in Dubai kitchens, so make sure there is enough space for friends to congregate in places that will not interfere with the operation of your prep space. Round tables, which typically seat four to six people, are an excellent method to improve traffic flow. Drop-leaf or extensible tables provide versatility. When not in use, they may be pushed against the wall or moved to provide additional seats for entertaining visitors. This is a wonderful option for a home without a formal dining area.

KITCHEN interior design

A wide island with plenty of bench space and chairs allows for plenty of cooperation. Routine chores such as paying bills, sifting through the mail, doing schoolwork, or preparing supper can be completed without the need to move items about. Having this clean surface also has a psychological impact of making the home appear neat even if other portions of the home are disorganized or covered in mounds of objects. When every millimeter counts, don't give up surface space for little details. To get your paper towel holder up and out of the way, mount it. Instead of a knife block, use a magnetic strip to keep cutlery on the wall. Find a cutting board that fits over your sink or cooktop to save crucial bench space. A mobile island or even a bar cart is ideal for cooking and entertaining. It has additional storage space and a more adaptable surface area for preparation and serving. What to look for: Stainless steel is fantastic since it's sturdy and simple to clean, but a butcher's block is a more economical choice for a different appearance and feel. To avoid obstructing traffic movement, leave roughly 90 cm between the border of the island and the surrounding benchtops. You may choose between bench and bar heights, depending on your needs. Before you go shopping, consider what is most comfortable for you.

KITCHEN interior design

Divide and rule! Keep things nice and simple to find to save time and sanity. Inserts and dividers help to organize drawers where loose materials tend to accumulate. Having specific areas for all odds and ends will aid in preventing overflow. Remember to measure your drawers before looking for organizers. Avoid inexpensive plastic solutions that can warp over time, and instead, go for something that will endure as long as the cabinets. Food storage container organization always appears to be an afterthought (and one of the messiest parts of most kitchens). How many times have you grabbed for a piece of Tupperware only to discover that the lid to go with it has vanished? Cabinets devour missing lids, so keep them together. We use glass storage for food since it is microwaveable and keeps food fresher for longer.

KITCHEN interior design

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