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Exquisite Door Carving and Design


Our team of professionals offers a wide range of window and door types. One of our best creations is customizing these door designs to keep it personalized and unique for each client. We produce and manufacture doors that will highlight your home with its design feature. These kinds of window and door types are most frequently supplied in your houses. The frame alone for the door is constructed out of wood that has high endurance. We create a variety of design and styles for panels, making the doors look ornamental and decorative. Panels can also be built with glass. Some designs that we do can also be made out of wood and glass altogether. Our versatility in design makes your door look more adaptive to the current popular styles all over the world. We have a wide range of materials that we use for creating amazing doors. 

Katrina Antonovich - Sculptor Of Elegant Doors

  • Wood: Typically, wood and timber have been the most common manufactured doors that we create. It is easy to decorate with damask carvings and it is also very sturdy without costing too much.
  • Metal: Some parts of the door can be metal, but if you're up for a more modern approach making it full metal will create a nice and amazing polished look. The reflective look in the metal makes the door look more trendy. It really requires a lot more maintenance since metal can become rusty over time. 
  • Glass: Glass is perfect for panel doors. If you desire so, some doors can be fully made out of glass. It is often used in garden areas to connect the indoors to your outdoor view. It is important to make sure that we install high-quality glass doors to protect your home as well. 
  • Fiber Glass: Glass fibers are bonded with resin that helps produce doors, tubs, and etc. Windows and doors constructed out of fiberglass can be combined with wood for added visual appeal.


There are also different kinds of door designs to choose from aside from the materials. It is important to choose what design your door should be. Our team considers the space, the area and the movement that the door will have so that we can fit the measurement in your home. It is also important that the design complements your home's interior and exterior to keep a cohesive look from inside to outside.

  • Hinge doors: Hinged doors are the most frequently designed because of its easy and uncomplicated look. The other end of the door is installed on the hinges, whereas the side that swings is the one without hinges. This makes the door open and closes safely. 
  • Sliding doors: It can be designed with wood, PVC, or metal, sliding doors are used to save space and to make sure that your home's design is streamlined and aesthetically pleasing look. 
  • French door: Mostly, this style is used in bathrooms or powder rooms. It is also adaptive to spaces which is easy to blend with your home's design.

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