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Dubai Villa Design by Katrina Antonovich

Luxury Architect Katrina Antonovich


Mansions and villas are the best representatives of private houses. For many people, these names are associated with elite and luxury housing at an appropriate price. Initially, any country houses with their own gardens were considered villas. They were built not for permanent, but for seasonal living on vacation.

Katrina Antonovich - Best Interior Designer Dubai

Modern villas designed by Luxury Antonovich Design are diverse, but still have characteristic features of luxury:

  • the use of columns, frescoes and rotundas for decoration;
  • stand-alone object or the whole composition;
  • many rooms and convenient layout;
  • options that increase comfort: gym, pool, billiard room, Smart Home system;
  • the presence of a large local area, own land, often with a unique landscape design;
  • rich decoration of interiors;
  • complex architectural solutions;
  • large area — about 300 m2.

Katrina Antonovich and Perfect Villa Design Dubai

During the work on individual orders, our company, under the leadership of talented designer Katrina Antonovich, was able to accumulate a solid project base, as well as a list of requirements that usually affluent clients present to their suburban residences. By combining experience and these requirements, we get a unique opportunity to create perfect projects that incorporate the traditional attributes of luxury: saunas, lounges, a private spa and home cinema, a garage for several cars, terraces with pools and ponds, etc.

Stylish Interior of Villa by Katrina Antonovich


Villas design in Dubai by Luxury Antonobivh Design are not a standard project, but individual, exclusive, and the best architect Katrina Antonovich builds it as a continuation of the landscape. It creates another characteristic feature of villas designed by our company: the best view from the windows. They are located on the first line from the sea or on a hill so that the landscape is visible from the window.

Studying projects of luxury villas, you will see that their implementation will be a great investment in real estate. Why? The thing is that our specialists from Luxury Antonovich Design use a combination of practical and commercial approaches when developing projects. That is, when drawing up the project, Katrina Antonovich selects the most optimal technical solutions in terms of materials, their cost and durability, plus, the architectural component is worked out in such a way that in future the value of the property only increases.

Katrina Antonovich - Luxury Villa Designer

Choosing our elite villa projects in Dubai, you make an invaluable contribution to investing. All projects are designed for maximum durability, so the mansion will become a real family nest, the pride of the family. We will be happy to help you choose the right project, based on your needs.

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