The dining room interior design is a separate direction in the project design of residential interiors, which designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio pay close attention. We create dining areas interiors, where each meal with friends and family will be a real treat.

The main directions in the dining room interior design are

  • Functional purposes
  • Rational zoning of an area
  • Matching interior design concept
  • Selection of furniture and materials specifically built for a dining room.

In creating of the dining room interior, we take into account wishes of house owners, some family members, their character, hospitality, and lifestyle. Based on these preferences, we design a space of a certain size and configurations.

Options for a dining room location are the following

  1. A dining room as a separate and independent area in a house
  2. A dining room, which is combined with a kitchen interior
  3. A dining room, which is combined with a living room
  4. An additional dining area on a terrace outside a house.

In the interior designing, we adhere to the main principles. Namely, we create absolute comfort for the primary purpose - eating. For this, we select pieces of furniture with clear height parameters. The distance from windows, doors, and walls to the dining area must allow moving freely around the table and pushchairs at the desired distance.

Order dining room interior design now! We will decorate your home with an elegant and luxurious interior. Here you would like to rest a little longer, to have unhurried conversations and enjoy a delicious meal.

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Dining Room Design