Dining Room Design In White

Katrina Antonovich - top architect and designer


Monochrome interiors are one of the main fashion trends of recent years, because the rooms in a single color scheme look stylish, modern and spacious. Our designers from Luxury Antonovich Design support this trend, in which the most popular background is shades of white and beige. Coupled with such interior styles as modern, art-deco and classic, the white tones in the design always look advantageous. White interior with accent elements is a very modern approach to the design of any apartment or a country house, as it provides for a certain conciseness. Such tricky accents enliven the design of any apartment or a house.

The table, the chairs in the dining room project by Luxury Antonovich Design and the walls here are also white. Balancing such numerous light spots in the interior is made with amazing thick satin curtains in ecru color with drapery, upholstered chairs with beige color and mirror shine, gilding, gloss and crystal.


The dining room designed by our team of Luxury Antonovich Design is designed in pastel colors, so thanks to this the room is filled with light, increasing visually in size. Symmetrically located pieces of furniture and decor perform various functional tasks, and serve the sole purpose of enriching and preserving the overall artistic image of the interior. The patterns on the marble floor give this room an exquisite charm, and the stricter lines of the dining room set and the console give us restrained emotions. Using white color, our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design can create a completely different interior atmosphere — romantic, ultra-modern, modest and luxurious, — any of your choice.

In the center of the ceiling in this beautiful dining room there is a rectangular shaped niche with built in lights and patterned stucco. This niche defines the zonal arrangement of the table and emphasizes its representative function. Stretch ceiling gives the room depth, and a massive crystal chandelier with pendants and candle-shaped lamps fills the room with luxury and light. The use of decorative panels with a vertical pattern of moldings in the design of the walls visually increases the height of the interior. The presence of gilding decor elements in the decoration of doors, walls and furniture gives the room a special charm.