Custom Design And Style Of Coffee Tables


A modern coffee table performs a very important function — it makes your home comfortable, keeps many small things and books, and emphasizes the sense of style of its owners. Luxury Antonovich Design Company offers coffee tables of various sizes and shapes, which are perfect for both large, spacious living rooms, and for more modest premises:

Katrina Antonovich - Stylish Designer Of Handmade Furniture

— for small rooms, models with a glossy table top are ideal: elegant and sophisticated, creating the illusion of space and allowing sunlight to stream freely around the room.

— a durable and reliable coffee tables made of precious wood is so versatile that it can easily fit into any modern setting and perfectly complement classic one.

— tables with shelves will help you to make the most effective use of every square centimeter and organize additional storage space.

High quality and durability of materials, multi-stage processing, which prevents natural aging processes, unusual shapes and sizes, the presence of additional shelves and stands, make the furniture from Luxury Antonovich Design functional and beautiful.


Unusual coffee tables designed by our company are distinguished by a stylish and diverse color range, the choice of which depends on the preferences of the customer and the features of the interior decoration. Coffee table by Luxury Antonovich Design can have a very different shape: circle, square, rectangle, an oval and other, more non-standard. The main rule — the smaller the tabletop area, the higher the height of the table. Such tables can have different heights, they can be made into the overall composition, and if necessary placed in different parts of the room.

There is a huge variety options for the use of coffee tables by Luxury Antonovich Design :

— reading corner;

— place of storage of magazines, books, newspapers and all sorts of booklets;

— a place to work at a laptop;

— a table for drinking tea or coffee;

— a place where you can place a vase with flowers and various trinkets;

— bedside table;

— dressing table;

— a table for board games with family and friends.

Thus, a stylish and modern coffee table can be a very valuable acquisition. Quality handmade furniture from Luxury Antonovich Design is exactly what you will find in our showroom. We have presented interesting and unique models of coffee tables, as well as bedside, dining, and working tables. In our showroom you will be able to pick up for the selected table a set of suitable chairs or cabinets. The original frame, colors, patterns on the tabletop or its shape allow you to embody the most daring design solutions and create a truly unusual interior.