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Creative Wall Panels for Section Fit-Out


Wall paneling is one of the current inclinations in finishing bare walls. Our company offers ideas and colors that can transform home interiors. We produce impressive designs that will bring emphasis on your walls. We can build mid, high, and low types of panel divisions of the surface resemble exquisitely decorated with contemporary these custom made panels. We create incredible ideas of blending shade and texture to common facades. Embellishing wall panels are efficient and charming. Our team will cover a portion of a wall at the center, or enhance the whole wall, improving value on contemporary interior design. We build designs that create more beautiful places. They look magnificent in all sustenance areas. It adds a fine texture on your home design further. Our textured and rich decorative wall panels suggest a phenomenal option to personalize your home interior. Here are some of our materials for wall panels. 

  • Wood: Ornamental wall paneling adds a luxurious look in your home. We have wood wall panels made of high-quality woodwork. We can build different designs from this material. You can desire any wall ornaments because wood is easy to carve. 
  • Stone: Stone is a nice material for wall panels. It can be a little tricky to shape, but the outcome is excellent. Stone panels are shinier and usually used for outdoor and exterior design. 
  • Fabric: Any wall can be designed, including fabric panels. This material is easy to use. Fabrics have their own patterns that are unique and elegant. We make sure that fabric panels look balanced with your interior design theme. 
  • Metal: The metal panel is an incredible piece to carve. It brings a different luxury feel in a room as well. This great material is shiny that adds glow to your home. 


We want to make sure that we provide the best for our clients. Wall panels are just one of the most exquisite projects of Luxury Antonovich Design. This beautiful trend should be applied to any home. There is only one amazing design team that can handle it all, and that is us. You can have different wall panel designs, and we will be able to design it for you perfectly. We have extensive production of wall panels. It goes from harvesting the materials, up to finishing the entire design. Our process brings amazing results. We have different designs that you will truly love. 

  • Ornamental: Our ornamental design for wall panels consist of traditional patterns that reflect culture and craftsmanship. This is designed intricately by our craftsmen and installed straight to your home. 

  • Minimalist: A minimalist wall panel is designed with angle hues and shades and minimal lines. This generates a more equitable and peaceful look in your home. 
  • Geometric: Geometric panels have more lines that are visible. You will notice this design from afar easily. We wanted to keep geometric patterns seen because it adds a nice accent to your home. 

You can add wall panels in any place of your interior. It can be in your house, your office, or maybe a commercial space where your business is residing. In any other way, panels create an amazing look that touches your visual pleasure. Feel free to let us know if you want a wall panel project in your home. 

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