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From ceiling to walls, wherever you want your chandelier may be, we can absolutely help you in each design. Put your home into the highest point of its neighborhood with our stunning chandelier designs. We offer great various designs in our huge showroom and we make sure that they are beautiful and luxurious. Make a point to pick stunning chandelier designs with abilities that can withstand high ceilings. This is done by arranging your new home with new stunning chandelier design plans. Luxury Antonovich Design guarantees that we give the best chandelier design plan in our showroom. We are here in light of the fact that chandeliers are a must in every room. You are certain to have an incredible chandelier structure with our administrations. We are getting the best chandelier design plan for you. Luxury Antonovich Design has aced the specialty of astonishing and beautiful chandelier designs. We generally thought ourselves to search for the magnificence in each process. We at Luxury Antonovich Design persistent to be a standout amongst the best chandelier design creator. Aside from simply structuring for interior designs, Luxury Antonovich Design makes stunning chandelier design for a living.

Katrina Antonovich - Luxurious Chandelier Interior Designer


The designs that we created can go from the smallest to the biggest. On the first photo, you can see wall chandeliers. These are perfect for smaller spaces that need a touch of luxury. On the last photo are huge chandeliers that are perfect for enormous rooms and spaces. Aside from these, we also do other structures and chandeliers for any type of interior designs. We've given a lot of plans to several customers that are delightful and astounding. We give the best chandelier design plans to each customer that need extraordinary direction in their future homes. This can be seen in our showroom. We are eager to help you in at all times. We will demonstrate to all of you the things that you need, with complete details on the most proficient chandelier design to cop the exquisite design at your home. In our showroom, we are focused on giving the most beautiful chandelier design as well as just as the most ergonomic and useful structures for you and your family. We are dedicated to giving a stunning chandelier design. You shouldn't disregard the chandelier design for your home. Notwithstanding whether you're wanting to manufacture the intrigue of your home or you basically need to add a fairly more stylistic chandelier design to your place, Luxury Antonovich Design is the gamechanger. 

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