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Cotton Curtains Design — Embodiment Of comfort And Organic


Today, when the range of artificial and synthetic fabrics can overshadow the mind, natural materials are still popular. A significant part of consumers prefer curtains made of cotton or other natural materials for interior decoration of their apartments. Cotton is a soft fluffy thread, twisted along its axis. Thanks to weaving with a tight pressing of the threads, the fabric turns out to be dense, durable and wear-resistant.

Katrina Antonovich Know Everything About Cotton Curtains Design

Textiles from this material will fill the room with comfort and natural beauty. It is eco-friendly, has excellent characteristics and fits well into any stylistic design of the interior. Exquisite curtains, plain curtains for the kitchen, light curtains and lush draped curtains are made of cotton. Such fabrics are easily and evenly painted, they are easy to apply printed image. Different types of fabrics are made from cotton fiber. For sewing curtains Luxury Antonovich Design uses the following:

— translucent (tulle, chiffon, lace, calico, batiste, veil, muslin, volt);

— light (calico, chintz, muslin, satin, poplin, taffeta);

— dense (velvet, velour, plush).

The positive properties of cotton include:

  • it is soft to the touch;
  • has a solid structure;
  • it is hyroscopic — absorbs moisture and dries quickly;
  • passes air well;
  • moth resistant;
  • eco-friendly — suitable for people with allergies;
  • easy to maintain.


It is worth noting that cotton curtains in the interior by Luxury Antonovich Design — it is always inexpressibly warm and cozy atmosphere. Maximum comfort in the apartment or country house create thick or almost weightless, colored or solid colored curtains that will perfectly protect from the sun and prevent the penetration of street dust into the dwelling. Due to the various colors and ease of care, this material is convenient for sewing curtains of different styles and shapes. Cotton material is suitable for classic sliding, lifting, roll, pleated, Roman and many other curtains. Such curtains can be used in any design, the main thing is to choose the right color, form of tailoring and take into account all the features of the room. Curtains made of cotton from Luxury Antonovich Design fit the classic, ethnic, modern or mixed interior. Such curtains will be appropriate in any room. For the kitchen we advise choosing Roman blinds and short curtains. If the kitchen is made in the style of chalet, the cotton curtains with floral motifs could not be better for this design.

For the bedroom and living room choose a long sliding curtains to the floor, the colors may depend on the surrounding interior. For dining rooms Japanese cotton curtains with floral patterns are very popular. As for children's rooms, Luxury Antonovich Design designers advise to choose Roman, roller or pleated curtains. Such models of cotton curtain perfectly transmit light and are very functional. Cotton curtains by Luxury Antonovich Design are incredibly relevant today, especially if comfort and warmth with elegant aesthetics in interior is in the first place. You can always find new original solutions, effectively combining materials of different texture and relief.

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