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The role in the modern world of interior design is enhanced. Design in our time - it is not just the right choice of form, color, volume, but the style, the organization of life.That's why ergonomics means so much to interior design today.Author's interior design can offer only a professional who understands how different everyday objects can be combined into a single harmonious image in a certain apartment or specific house.

Only exclusive designs!

At the same time appears a new attitude to the interior arrangement of luxury real estate. Now everyone wants to exclusive solutions that transform the space of the apartment, make it comfortable and cozy.

Advantages of the design approach

Designer, before proposing a solution, carefully studies all the options.It is not enough to make a draft - you need to properly select materials to determine the cost of repair or restoration, make the appropriate calculations. Do not convince yourself that you are able to cope with this task better than a specialist. Today, in any sphere of activity the emphasis is on professionalism, especially in such a complicated matter as the repair, construction or creation of the interior and purchase of furniture.

Author's design of apartments - it's not just an idea, but also its most intelligent and competent implementation. Our company when performing each order ensures:

  •     individual approach;
  •     efficiency;
  •     selection of the most suitable materials;
  •     strict adherence to the estimate;
  •     always a unique solution.

If you want that every corner of your house become a useful and pleased an eye? Refer to a professional designer from Luxury Antonovich Design Studio.

Contemporary interior design

Contemporary interior design is like your business card, which you give to invited friends, acquaintances, relatives and to all those who welcome at your home. No doubt, the interior is able to provide a positive or negative impact on the mood of all those he surrounds.And much more pleasant, if it has a positive impact.

Contemporary interior design has its basic rules

Many people who have decided to decorate their home or office in modern interior design for one reason or another is not possible to use the services of professionals. However, as soon as they dipped into the design of apartments, offices, creating his own style, so immediately raises many questions: what and how make it, what elements are required for a modern style interior design, where better to buy this stuff, and where another, where to place this design element, and where that, in order to they are 100% fulfilled their functionality and so on. Of course, all of these questions require answers. And these answers can only give the industry professionals.

The first rule when you make a modern interior design

Contemporary interior design starts with the concept that all that is present in the house to the maximum should be functional. You do not need to turn your home or office into an exhibition of achievements of the furniture market, or household appliances.Everything should be in moderation, easily placed in the interior, comfortable and functional.Also, do not forget that in this case acts unconditionally following concept: - "House for man, and not man for the home." Everything in the house, ranging from seemed to be insignificant teaspoon up to cupboards should the maximum work for its owner.

The second rule of modern interior design

Contemporary interior design means that functionality always dominates over the aesthetics.In your home should not be present something beautiful, if it is non-functional, irrational and impractical. Of course, most an ideal option - it is a combination of beauty and comfort, but when there is a need to make a choice, preference should be given to the convenience. Also, do not forget that the required parameters of your interior items in full shall meet the parameters of your home.

Contemporary interior design

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