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Classical House Design Abu Dhabi


Luxury Antonovich Design has become very well known as the best interior design firm in Dubai. It has been developing a numerous number of project developments with a very successful result all over the country. Luxury Antonovich Design has become the top pick of every international investor, businessman and different clients all over the world in developing their properties in the country. Over the years of the company experience in providing the best interior design Dubai and all over UAE, the team has been specializing in devoting every architectural and interior design Abu Dhabi and Dubai in all sorts of concept designs.

Classical House Design Abu Dhabi by Katrina Antonovich

Most of the residential projects that the Luxury Antonovich design is handling in the UAE requires a classical interior design. Aside from the fact that the classical interior design concept has the best similarities in Arabian style homes, Most of the clients in the UAE still embracing the traditional set up for their homes interior design Dubai. The classic concept for the interior design Dubai requires the systematic developments and proper arrangement of furniture’s and full decoration set up. Most of the classical interior design Abu Dhabi and Dubai have a huge lot occupancy that needs to focus on how to create a very balanced interior design set up. Most of the decorations and furniture design for a classical interior design mostly require a customized furniture design with an extremely classical or royal style design. 

Classical House Design Abu Dhabi

Classical furniture design usually has a larger size with very detailed art details usually tended to have customized furniture design. Our goal is to perform a proper arrangement of each luxurious furniture design in classical design that will be very suitable to the full requirement of the luxury interior design Dubai. The full decorations shall perfectly be suitable for the furniture design arrangement. There will be a very special form of artistic detail carvings along with the full walls, gypsum and ceiling design that will be enhanced with a perfect lighting arrangement such as the chandelier design, wall lighting and set of spotlights. Lastly, selecting the best flooring design will surely level up the full classical house design Abu Dhabi. It takes a very creative and artistic flooring work arrangement such as the selection of the most elegant marble design, perfect edge cutting for the waterjet, special design arrangement for the 3D classical design carpets and doing the installations smoothly. All of the mentioned classical design features are proudly represented and do the actual executions by Luxury Antonovich Design. 

Classical House Design Abu Dhabi

Classical House Design Abu Dhabi

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