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Elegant and Timeless Classic Villa Exterior Designs


The exterior of the building is its architectural appearance, the design of the building, which produces a favorable aesthetic impression. The main role in this is played by well-chosen finishing materials, they perform a decorative and protective function. In the decoration of villas and cottages in classic style, our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design use only natural stones — marble and granite. These materials give an effect of grandeur and monumentality to the exterior of the house.

Luxurious classic villa with a stunning pool area

Grand classic villa entrance with lush landscaping

Majestic classic villa with an impressive driveway

This project of the exterior of the villa, made by our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design, is characterized by the presence of cornices with stucco, supported by elegant modillons — a sign of the classical style in architecture. A variety of ornaments that adorn the facade of the villa in classic style are subject to symmetry. Light ornament and stucco have a well-thought-out structure, are distinguished by their symmetry and orderliness. This design approach by our skilled and experienced professionals gives a classic completeness and sophisticated style to the architectural look of the house.


The outdoor terrace, located under a shed, is a hallmark of classic-style villa, which is located in the area with warm climate. This feature has become characteristic of the design of villa from Luxury Antonovich Design. On the half-open terrace under a canopy you can relax and have the rest with the best comfort. Large panoramic bay windows decorated with gypsum elements perform the function of a natural source of interior lighting and an exterior design feature. This detail from our designers Luxury Antonovich Design creates the illusion of a glazed veranda, makes the facade and interior more festive and bright.

Timeless villa exterior with a beautiful courtyard

Marble columns, placed around the perimeter, continue the classic fit-out of the house. Columns of classical form perform the structure-bearing function, and also they are an excellent design solution and play a sophisticated decorative role.

Elegant villa facade with intricate architectural details

The light color of the columns around the house underscore the traditional design decision. The facade of this amazing house project by Luxury Antonovich Design is characterized by a bright, pastel color scheme, the most organic for the southern sunny landscape. As a roofing material for finishing the house in classic style, tiles are used in bright, natural shades from terracotta to sand.

Classic villa with a breathtaking terrace view

Exquisite villa exterior featuring a charming garden

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