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Works of art, beautiful furniture and a mix of elegant and luxurious pieces bring this home to life. A mix of neutrals can be seen in the living area, with the brown and purple accent serving as the perfect, elegant backdrop to the stunning interior design. To make the living room more luxurious, layered curtains complete the look. Aside from the marble floor that anchors the space, a huge mirror was added on top for a cozier feel. The living room area is spacious and meant for gathering with the family and friends. The elegant design grabs attention the moment you step into the room.  Cream-white-brown combination not only defines the space, but it also lends and luxurious feel to the overall look. The style is alluring, developed, and advanced while as yet being agreeable. Tastefulness, especially in structure and individual style, is one of the main characteristics that visitors notice, and class absolutely causes a great and enduring initial impression. A beautifully tufted headboard in dove gray gives the bedroom an elegant touch, complementing the delicate gold lamp and the equally pretty side table. The mix of pieces gives the living room a mix of contemporary, modern yet luxury, extravagant look.


Since we as a whole love having companions over; regardless of whether it's for an easygoing makeup for lost time or a formal supper, we have to ensure that they feel comfortable. While trusting that sustenance will be served, we typically invest energy in the living territory to share stories. One of the primary things visitors will see in the house is the plenitude of characteristic light. Transparent white drapes spruce up the windows, enabling daylight to stream into the home. Each space grandstands the identity of the proprietor. Regardless of whether it's an adoration for movement, an energy for craftsmanship, and exploring different avenues regarding distinctive styles; you can see that every region is an impression of the proprietor. To ensure that the identities radiate through while keeping up a cutting-edge tasteful. Luxury Antonovich Design was exceptionally active all through the procedure and the territories were well-thoroughly considered. The cream sectional couch can oblige the entire family and their visitors; making it perfect for engaging loved ones holding exercises. A colossal focus table consumes up the room and gives the region a rich touch. A modified couch featuring a texture by Luxury Antonovich Design fills in as a complementary piece. A fantastic light fixture with vintage claim swings from the roof and supplements the confused pieces.

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