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Chandelier Design Ideas By Katrina Antonovich


A chandelier is an ultimate accenting accessory for any space in your home. The atmosphere is so much better with amazing lighting—the layers of light coming from the chandelier, the small details from which it was made, the reflections of the crystal, the elegant texture all adds up to a one grandeur look of excellence. Lighting is what makes a home look sexy and dynamic at the same time. It illuminates your space. Our amazing designers create an illusion using layered decorative lighting, and a chandelier is an important element in achieving this. It helps to create an even and spread out light, which lights the ceiling and the whole surroundings. It serves as a work of art that adds an attractive element that highlights your home. Chandeliers create a statement anywhere you place it. It glamorizes the room, sets the mood, and it is a conversation starter in your room. Our goal for this article is to let you understand the different types, styles, and designs of chandeliers to let you know about the endless possibility of this wonderful element. 

Katrina Antonovich - Chandelier Master Creator


With a chandeliers stunning existence, your room will be more exemplary and decorative. You might be confused about what design you should pick for your home, that is why our team of amazing designers with the help of our chief designer Katrina Antonovich is here to help you with all your chandelier dilemmas. To deliver a clear approach about all the kinds of fancy chandeliers feel free to read through our article and see how it can totally change your home. 

  • Crystal chandeliers: It can infuse an effortless beauty because of its reflective look. This style is perfect for entryways, and even as centerpieces in your living room, bedroom, or even your dining area. These lustrous chandeliers create an antique vibe which reflects a classic style.
  • Casual glass chandeliers: If your style leans toward a simpler and still classy look, then the perfect chandelier for you is the glass. These kinds of chandeliers add a preppy vibe to your room. The glass also creates a reflective light, but unlike crystal lights, it is bolder and more solid. 

  • Candle chandeliers: If your style is more on the rustic feel then, candle chandeliers are perfect for you. They come in incredible styles and designs, and it doesn't even have to be candles. Nowadays, there are LED candles which mimics the candle's light without lighting a fire. These candle like chandeliers also mimics the flickering light of a real candle. 
  • Pendant Chandeliers: Pendant chandeliers are an inductor of a modern feel. The exquisite shape and modern feel create a cleaner and more relaxed ambiance in your home.

It doesn't really matter what chandelier you choose to have, it will surely add a breathtaking vibe in your home. With different materials such as brass, metal, crystal, chandeliers are truly an accenting piece for your home. We will make sure that the chandelier that will be placed in your home matches the theme, the color, and the looks of your home. We will also consider your personal style and your amazing taste. We have an amazing collection of chandelier designs that you would like, please feel free to message us for more details.

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