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Living room design Miami

Best interior design for living room  – basic rules for creating comfort by Luxury Antonovich Design.  Living room - the most hospitable area in your home, which often has to perform a variety of functions. Design living room - the basic rules for creating comfort functions: to receive visitors, to be a place for a family gathering, to serve as the office or home theater. It does not matter what shape and size your living room, our studio interior design Abu Dhabi will create a comfortable place for recreation and meetings. To help you with pleasure coming back in your the home, we'll tell you about the basic principles of interior design of Abu Dhabi in the living room.

The combination of two functional rooms

If there is a need to combine the guest and the kitchen area, then it is important to remember one rule - priority is given to the living room. During leisure in the first place, it is important that nothing distracts you. The need for cooking does not occur every day, but relaxing - a daily process.  Your guests will always feel your warmth and hospitality. We consider all the nuances in the preparation of interior design project Abu Dhabi.
When in the same room is combined the cooking area, dining room, and lounge, the attention of the human being in it will always be scattered at a variety of design techniques, and will not get stuck within four walls. If for the living room assigned separate closed room - then to the basic problem of the creation of the interior design apartments Abu Dhabi is added  the need to change a typical layout.In this case, the designer is important to learn about your habits and preferences more is better.

Principles of placing of furniture

There are some general rules:

  • even in a small living room should be organized as comfortable as possible each thing - it could be a combination of different items of upholstered furniture;
  • seats should preferably be placed based on of those present conversations , i.e. facing each other or at an angle of 90 degrees;
  • if a living room is able to accommodate two of the sofa - it is better to put them at an angle, and chairs placed side by side, creating the illusion of space limitations. In this situation, come to help a carpet, which will mark the boundaries of the place of location of seats, and its area - closed sitting area;
  • to visually expand the boundaries of the living room is better to move the bed away from the wall, leaving a passage of at least 60 cm. If the size of the room allows, behind a compact sofa can accommodate a desk or bookcase, which in length may be limited by the size of the sofa, or exceed it;
  • The center of living room composition can be , and even need to allocate, for example by  a coffee table between the seats.  If the furniture is facing the wall - the center of the composition could be any item on it: screen, fireplace, window.

Illumination in the design of the living room - the basic rules for creating comfort

It is the right combination of lighting and placement of upholstered furniture will create a unique cozy atmosphere in your home recreation areas. Therefore, this nuance in the drafting of the interior design is of particular importance.  Any room, especially the living room is not enough just one chandelier. Chandelier, primarily regarded as an interior item, so the unity of composition depends on   its place of location : placement in the center of the room - gathers composition together, two or more of chandeliers - allow you to control zoning space.
Chandelier is given a central place in most of the room, for example in the dining area.  If this living room area - main lighting fixture better to place above the sofa.Chandelier placement should also focus on the door or window openings - if they are symmetrical, the chandelier should preferably be strictly between them.  Round chandelier with lots of lamps will fit in almost any interior design. Large elongated chandeliers are better placed in the center, and small chandeliers square or round shapes should be symmetrically arranged.  Framing chandeliers by elements of a stucco molding  must match the overall style of the room and interior designs.







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