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Beautiful exclusive marble floors of Luxury Antonovich Design

With any modern interior, gorgeous looks have panels of marble, which will emphasize the interior, filling it with luxury and uniqueness. Beautiful and original flooring in your home or office will make dwelling more expensive and interesting. With the advent of modern technologies of cutting ceramic tiles and the widest range of products from the world's leaders, has become possible to implement any design ideas, creating an incredibly beautiful composition.

Marble floor - it's beautiful, it's stylish, it's expensive.

Creating a panel - this is a very complex creative process that requires not only designer's talent but also special skills and equipment for cutting marble or ceramic tile. Of course, much easier to choose the expensive Italian or Spanish tiles, which will look gorgeous on any flooring. But to create a beautiful mural panel  - is the top technologies. Marble, as a finishing material, known since ancient times. People in ancient times were valued  excellent properties of marble and various colors of stone. The floors  made of marble - is an indispensable attribute of a Greek or Roman home. Until now, preserved the unique mosaic marble floors, created thousands of years ago. Preserved in almost perfect condition.
Marble can be pink, yellow, blue, green, red, black and earthy tones. This color stone give the oxides of various metals and graphite. The special effect of the natural marble gives streaks, creating a unique pattern.Get beautiful ornament in marble also technologically possible - producing sawing stone in the right direction.The final color and marble pattern appears after polishing.
Marble flooring is an indicator of solvency and respectability. It emphasizes the individuality and uniqueness.Do not exist two identical flooring of marble, they are always different. Even the two marble tiles  from the same quarry are always  with different patterns. Your house is already different from the others, and  floorings Your friends and acquaintances will  admire and remember. No one can remain indifferent and  not pass by to admire this beauty. Thanks to the modern technology of waterjet cutting, you can create patterns of any complexity.But you can use the traditional method of processing stone and create patterns by hand, which gives a special individuality.

Marble floor of Luxury Antonovich Design - it is always a work of art.

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