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Beautiful Marble Designs for Interior


Luxury Antonovich Design has a huge selection of marble flooring that arrives in a wide scope of design, that gives any interior design a stylistic layout. We offer an enormous number of flooring designs, the distinctions in our marble designs have different sorts of patterns from any style that you want. To Luxury Antonovich Design, different sorts of marble are one of our expertise. With such a large number of choices to browse, our company can help you settle on the best choice for your interior design: be it marble or not. 

Katrina Antonovich - Luxury Designer for Beautiful Marble Designs


Our different types of marble can go from the simplest to the most beautiful. Here are some of what we do:

  • Brown antique
  • Cohiba
  • Angola silver
  • Blue moon
  • Blue in the night
  • Angola Classico
  • Angola gold
  • Marmore Azul 

Contingent upon the kind of marble utilized, our company can add refinement to your room or a creative style to a lobby. The bounty of marble patterns and types accessible in our website will give you different ideas of the right marble design for your floors and dividers. Regardless of which type you choose to select, Luxury Antonovich Design's marble tile will give you an amazing visual effect wherever it's set.


We consider marble as a characteristic item, and when appropriately completed can be changed into an excellent ground surface. Marble flooring is a standout amongst the most beautiful and modern floor materials to introduce in a home and includes a totally different component of the class. Various kinds of marble will convey various looks to an open space, living room, or any room where it is available; and there are a large number of various sorts of marble in almost every pattern and design. With tones in brown, blue, gray or any other color, Luxury Antonovich Design can design the correct marble for your home.

  • Other than its visual interest, the strategies drew in with making this marble design is expansive. Being a champion among the best marble flooring designer in the United Arab Emirates, it is essential for us to release designs that are dazzling.
  • Particular systems and procedures are utilized and the handcrafts that we used are made of superb materials. Next, to doing beautiful plans and having an immense strong plan of marble designs, we give fast designs to any of your needs.
  • In doing marbles, we break down the best techniques in order to give a stunning design. We do rich marble designs that are a top decision and world-class. 

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