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Bathroom design ideas

Each room in the house has its own specifics and particular importance, on the basis of which is formed and their entourage. The bathroom decor has long ceased to be just a room for taking hygienic procedures. It is largely responsible for our psycho-emotional state. Here we begin each day, getting the proper charge of freshness, vitality, and energy, the here day ends with the washing away all the accumulated negativity.

Bathroom design ideas Luxury Antonovich Design

Accordingly, the bathroom decorations should be both joyful, pleasing to the eye, and allows maximum relax, turn away from all earthly things bathroom design. It is quite possible to achieve even in a minimum of space, which is typical for the majority of these premises.

Visually expand the space can be through the proper selection of colors and the use of mirrors.

It is well known that light decoration colors help to increase the space, and dark colors reduce it. Therefore, the white color in combination with other pastel colors is perfect for a small bathroom. Tiling the walls also significantly affect the interior design - many projects involve the use in bathrooms contrasting color tiles. Arranged in straight lines, they give the bathroom ideas additional volume.

Beauty does not eliminate practicality

The bathrooms, where color scale predominates peach, cream, pale blue colors look elegant and refined. And if the room size allows to the interior design expert, use multiple colors, including darker, saturated, the bathroom looks luxurious. However, it must be remembered also such an important aspect as the quality of the lighting in the bathroom. Firstly, the intensity, the direction, and range of the luminous fluxб the perception of colors, the overall assessment of the bathroom design ideas largely depends on. Secondly, the lighting should be sufficient to perform cosmetic and hygienic procedures, but it does not irritate by the excessive brightness and saturation rays. Well, and, thirdly, of course, the lighting in the bathroom should fully comply with electrical safety requirements. It is best to use low-voltage spot lights with adjustable angle direction of the light stream.

Of course, a huge role in the interior play and plumbing fixtures, accessories, bathroom furniture. To create from all of it the solid, harmonious, highly artistic image best to use the services of an interior designer. Our interior design studio will take into consideration all the nuances of the room configuration, regardless of its type - whether it is a design office or apartment and elegantly realize all your wishes, giving the bathroom designs in Nigeria elegance and beauty.


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