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The Enchanting World of Artistic Stained-Glass

Design and Production of Stained Glass

Antonovich Group is an interior design studio in Dubai, creates stained-glass windows, which are comparable to works of art.
To create stained glass art we use materials of the highest quality. Proven techniques and new technologies make it possible to implement the brightest design ideas. This is a technique, assembled on brass and lead, sandblasting glass, fusing, as well as a combination of several techniques.

Artistic stained-glass windows are one of the most beautiful ways to complement the interiors with elegant and luxurious touches.

The process of creating stained-glass windows from Antonovich Group consists of several stages:

  • Definition of size, shape and location of a stained glass;
  • Development of several sketches;
  • Selection of glass according to a colour scheme of a sketch;
  • Production of duplicating sample of a stained-glass window;
  • Cutting glass into separate pieces;
  • Special processing of each element by grinding, wrapping with foil to create the perfect fragments of any, even the smallest ones;
  • Assembling of stained glass by soldering fragments with lead-tin material;
  • Coating of solders with patina and additional processing;
  • Framing a stained-glass window with brass, copper or stainless steel;
  • Manufacture and assembly of structures, installation of a stained-glass window directly at the site.

Another key thing to remember is that all stages take clear quality control. We will create a masterpiece of the modern art, which will become an amazing decoration of the interior.
The design studio in Dubai offers its customers the creation of modern luxury interiors from sketch to full implementation. And part of the project becomes a delightful stained glass art. This detail of the interior will please and delight more than one generation of the family.
The stained glass can decorate both the interior and become an ornament of windows. This is a universal element of the decor, which can become part of the furniture, doors, partitions, niches, windows, fixtures, ceilings and walls. For public interiors and luxurious villas, this could be a monumental panel of a large size.
For premium interiors, our designers develop unique sketches of stained-glass art. We create interiors that are a pride of their owners around the world. In these interiors stained-glass window will become one of the pieces of art that will decorate any style. For interiors in a modern style, elegant and concise patterns will suit. For classic and oriental interiors, perfect complex and intricate patterns will be perfect.
The stained glass is a special material, which is quite able to transform a room completely, add a play of colors, light and warmth. All stained-glass windows are a professional work of craftsmen, which is based on the brilliant design ideas. Artistic stained glass can be used as a decoration of a newly created interior, as well as for a ready interior during a renovation process.

We will decorate your interior with luxury compositions. Exclusive stained-glass windows will complement expressiveness and artistic value.

Intricate stained-glass window design with vibrant colors

Close-up of a detailed stained-glass artwork

Historic stained-glass masterpiece in a cathedral

Beautiful stained-glass panel with floral pattern

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