Artistic Furniture Design With Floral Patterns


We all want to live in beautiful gardens. Perhaps that is why the floral print has firmly taken its place in the interiors and collections of famous designer furniture. Summer is felt in everything: even designer furniture, lamps and decor designed by our experts are “blooming”. Flower prints in interior were and remain an actual method of interior decoration. Floral motifs from Luxury Antonovich Design is a symbol of comfort, warmth, joy and tranquility.

Katrina Antonovich - Creator Of Interesting Furniture Design

It would seem that flowers are that rare pattern, and it is hard to ruin the interior with them. But also with floral patterns — not everything is so simple: if you choose the wrong flower size, too elaborate coloring, overdo it with the number of bright shades, the result may be far from expected. Floral motifs in the design of exclusive furniture from Luxury Antonovich Design imply compliance with the rules of consistency of colors, because the “inconsistency” in colors can adversely affect the appearance and perception of the room as a whole. The most relevant and original are combinations of pink shades and black flower patterns, a bright crimson background with delicate, milky-white flower arrangements, as well as a whole palette of blue with an ornament made in metallic silver. Pastel combinations of pale flower colors will forever remain classics, but in our showroom you can find furniture with unexpected solutions in furniture design, which makes it stylish and even slightly extravagant.


The use of floral motifs in the design of furniture and interior from Luxury Antonovich Design can fill your home with a special warm and romantic atmosphere, making it elegant and refined. Floral patterns are still relevant as separate bright accents in the form of textile interior decor, and as whole compositions in the form of furniture and carpets. For our talented designers there are no restrictions regarding the functional purpose of the space, the design of which includes such ornaments or elements. Floral motifs can perfectly revive the kitchen. Exquisite headboard upholstery covered with flowers will complement the design of the bedroom. In the living room — the classic floral upholstery of the sofa or armchairs with an ornament of interlacing branches or flowers will create harmony in neo-romantic style.

Elite fabrics for decorating furniture with floral motifs by Luxury Antonovich Design allow us to make the room brighter, airier and lighter without significant changes in the design. Floral motifs on decorative cushions and chair covers look no less beautiful. In addition to the aesthetic function that such patterns perform, they also have a practical function, hiding any flaws in the interior. Such exclusive custom furniture can be created only by expert hands who take inspiration, admiring the beauty of nature.