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Best Landscaping in UAE


Landscaping is such a special art that is another forte of Luxury Antonovich Design. It is also called garden design which is present in different types of home. It is the epitome of luxury and elegance. Our landscape artists are top-notch in the industry of landscape design in other countries and especially here in UAE. Landscape design is so relevant in design and architecture that our team makes sure that we implement it in every home that we design. The embodiment of luxury, elegance, and wealth is reflected in our every design. You will see in the images of the landscape model above that we perfectly place wide alleys of trees and shrubs, followed by beautiful flower beds – all of these designs are a great element for gardening. The landscape demonstrates a grandiose man-made beauty recreated by our amazing team. Luxury Antonovich Design creates a perfect proportional landscape composition with different elements that are defined by a different creative approach.

  • Pavements: Adding pavements and walkways are a beautiful addition to garden aesthetics. It adds symmetrical proportion and it also creates a nice contrast with the plants,
  • Sculptures: Sculptures are used to add a focal point in the garden. It is a classic style that is timeless and also elegant.
  • Fountain: Another focal point addition that gives garden landscapes beautiful flowing energy that attracts more beauty in the landscape itself.
  • Greeneries: Of course, a landscape will never be complete without the plants and greeneries all around. It elevates the mood of the landscape and it reflects a well maintained outdoors.
  • Lounge: A lounge area is also important in a landscape design. It is a recreational space where you and your guests can relax.


Landscape must be done with hard work and labor of love. The preparation for the project itself is already a lot of tasks. The experts of Luxury Antonovich Design makes sure to take all the necessary measurements to make sure that every detail and fixture is in the correct size. Our professionals make sure that their works and designs will match the taste of every client. The masterpiece design will surely be breathtaking. If you have already decided on what design youd like for your landscape feel free to get in touch with us so we can help you further on how to make your outdoors look elegant and serene. Having a well-designed landscape area creates a lot of additional value to your home. There is more to landscaping than just the details and design. It is best to consult professionals like the Luxury Antonovich Design to make sure that youll have amazing results in your landscape architecture.

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