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Best Landscaping Design Ideas

Stunning Design

The landscape is one of the first things to make an impression in a home. When you enter a home it is what most people will look at first. Not the roof, not the door, but the landscape. It is also what people see often as they do not have any idea how your house interior will look like. Having a stunning landscape design leaves a mark to your guests and makes a first impression that will last forever. The designing also needs to have some considerations. It should blend in your environment and it should be appealing, it should have a distinction that when people see it theyll know that it is your house. The convenience of the landscape should also be considered. Can it be a driveway, a walkway, a relaxing space for afternoon siestas and all other things that you can do outdoors? The Luxury Antonovich Design company will always help you in how you can manage a well-curated and aesthetically pleasing landscape that need the most professional help.

Structural Plants

The features of your landscape are divided into smaller details to make it easier to work on it. Plantings are a lot easy to put in and install in your landscape making it play a role in an early stage. Installing a strategic lawn which is a perfect dressing to your landscape. Having a huge space for your landscape makes it easier to water the plants, as it is strategically placed in an order where it can all be easily accessed and watered.

The Entryway

Your entryway is another important thing to consider, it should be inviting, clean, and of course spacious. Adding a dramatic entrance and pathway makes your house look more elegant and luxurious. These spaces should also be visible and easily identified. These driveways should also be installed clear lightings that will help the guidance of your road in the evening when it is darker.


The borders participate in the landscape as an outline which adds a contrasting texture and color to the whole landscape aesthetic. It can be bricks, flowers, edgings, these elements can all be different and still be the same function. It functions as a division from your pathway to your plants. Using edgings to your landscape gives a very visible and obvious idea where the walkway and the planters are.

Focal Point

A house is incomplete without its facades visual asset. Creating a focal point whether its a fountain, a gazebo, or maybe a sculpture. It really depends on what the client wants to use as a focal point to their house design. Achieving a balanced landscape means weighing things down in every aspect and make sure that the elements are not overpowering other elements. The harmonious and complementing relationships of these different elements are very important in putting out the best house landscape for your house design.

These design principles are all about using simplicity and creating something out of nothing and being able to unite all the elements together to build the best landscape design for your home.

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