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Interior decoration is the final touch in the decorating your home.

Selection of textiles, curtains, blinds, furniture, the color palette is generally present in an interior design project for decorating your home. But it is quite possible and when there is no need to order a design project in general, there is no re-planning, no changes in floor coverings and ceiling geometry, no need to change sockets and kitchen equipment. You have the desire to refresh the decorating your home is. To do this, just change the color of the walls, pick up new textiles, replace furniture and decor items. This is the subject of the contract of decorating your home.

First and foremost, the decorator performs a comprehensive consultation on the selection of a variety of interior items. Then carries out the selection of everything necessary directly in the salons and stores and websites.

Cost of decorating your home

Interior decoration is a creative process, during which often necessary parts or individual items, stained-glass windows, mosaics, paintings or wall paintings are handmade.

The individual decor is, above all, the uniqueness of your home.

The cost of decorating your home is determined individually, depending on the amount of work to be done.

In any case, to determine how to optimally solve the issue of decorating your interior, it is better to communicate with the designer-decorator personally. And it is better to do it directly on the site where the work will be done.

Interior project of decorating your home

The project of interior decorating your home includes:


Plan with furniture arrangement with drawing of decor elements

Plan for binding decor elements

The plan of ceilings with drawing of elements of a decor (of necessity)

Layout for the main rooms decorated

Development of individual decor elements, including textiles

Specification of decor elements

Painted samples of premises' surfaces (if necessary)

3D visualization if necessary (paid separately)

Selection of decor elements and furniture in stores or to order

Author's supervision (paid for by agreement).

Interior decoration is a complex and time-consuming process, sometimes longer than repair and finishing. But very exciting and interesting!

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