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Best Hotels in the World


Glamorous Hotel Design by Katerina Antonovich

The Genius Architectural and Design meets the Luxurious world of Hospitality Industry. We have always known that the Hospitality Industry has been classified with different characteristics, theme and standards. Since that Luxury Antonovich Design Company has been introduced as the Top Ranking Architectural and Interior Design All over the world, It has been always selected as the providers of Services when it comes to Developments of different Hotels In the World. With a personal signature touch of the Chief Designer herself, Ms Katerina Antonovich, all the Luxurious implementations have been done gratefully according to every clients requirement.

How to Achieve a Perfect Luxurious Hotel Design

This Luxurious Hotel Design is one of the best Creation that something to be proud of, on its very unique and exclusive design that we have implemented. With a very Glamorous and Grand welcome atmosphere of the Entrance Area of this Hotel, everyone will feel the most comfortable and privileged atmosphere. We have selected a perfect blend and choice of lightings to immediately feels the cosiness at the Lobe area. The Luxurious Gypsum and decorative wall design have added up a perfect grandeur accent of the Area. We have arranged wonderful Artificial plants with a glamorous vase, decorative sculptures and magnificent mirrors. Everyone would notice how exceptional we have created the floors scheme design to incorporate it with a very Luxurious Design of the Lobby area. To retain the very luxurious accent of the Hotel Interior Design, we have spread the decorations of colourful artificial plants and its stylish vase all over the public areas and hallways. A splendid and Deluxe style Indoor swimming pool has been decorated with artisan wall paintings and decorations. The entire pool area has been decorated with stylish and comfortable pool chairs with a perfect blend of lightings. Everyone will have noticed the Grand selections of lavish Chandelier on the entire Hotel interior design. We have managed to maintain the Luxurious designs and decorations in every restaurant and Banquet areas inside the Hotel, as we have carefully selected stylish classical furniture and materials to decorate every area.

Embracing the Most Comfort and Luxurious World of Hospitality Industry

A Home away from home indeed, Once the guest has reached their desired Hotel Room, the will be experiencing a one of a kind amenities that this hotel is offering. From the very crisp, premium class selected fabric from the beddings, pillows and the highest standard of mattress materials that we have installed. A world-class bedroom design, this what exactly to be experienced one to enter any of the bedrooms in this hotel. As we had made sure that all the selected furniture’s is one of a kind and some of it classically custom made from Turkey and Italy. Each bedroom might have different schemes and level of style, however, we assure that it is containing the very well balance comfort that it every guest may feel in every stay. As we always mention, The success of every Hospitality Industry is not only depending on the service that it is providing, But also the main best impression of every guest for the very warm atmosphere and the best creation of the Architectural and Interior design of the entire place.

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