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Best Designer Bathroom interior


The design project of the bathroom by Luxury Antonovich Design is aimed at creating an interior in which it will be pleasant and comfortable to stay. Since the bathroom is characterized by high humidity, there are special requirements for its decoration and fit-out solutions. But despite this, the abundance of finishing materials and design options allows us to create designer masterpieces and place in the bathroom not only plumbing equipment, but also beautiful decorative items.

Today, plumbing salons are ready to offer a variety of options for decorating the floor and walls in your bathroom. But, as a rule, most of us consider marble tiles, including marble mosaics, as the best finishing material for a bathroom. For example, floor-to-ceiling tile design by Luxury Antonovich Design has gained immense popularity in recent years because it is easy to wash and maintain in good condition.


The main element of the bathroom is a shower or bath. Even in the smallest bathroom you can place a bath, but then it will occupy most of the room and stay in the room will be uncomfortable. Therefore, for arranging small-sized bathrooms Luxury Antonovich Design chooses a shower cabin. It wont clutter up the bathroom and will save space. Bathroom interior with shower is a popular way to design this room of an apartment or a modern person’s house from Luxury Antonovich Design. This design is ideal for owners of small apartments, because the installation of a shower in the room for water procedures is a good way to save free interior space.

Our designers offer many options for how to design a modern bathroom with a shower, which will be characterized by maximum comfort and convenience. In addition, when choosing a design option for a bathroom, we do not forget that it should be aesthetically attractive and in line with current interior design fashion trends.

The arrangement of the room intended for carrying out water procedures consists of several stages. That is why the interior design of the bathroom with shower should be thought out before the start of repair or finishing works. Before proceeding with the arrangement of this room, listen to advices of designers From Luxury Antonovich Design:

— First step is to determine the type of shower, because such plumbing today is represented by a variety of options;

— Give preference to a shower corner, which takes up much less space than a cabin, while creating comfortable conditions for taking a shower.

— Marble fit-out of walls and floor will protect this place and will create amazing interior decoration.

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