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Best Contemporary Interior Design House in India


The luxury home interior designs Architect and Interiors in India were precisely planned to create a distinctly modern and contemporary vibe. The property features a magnificent mix of modern and contemporary design elements. Brown is a color that exudes beauty and enchantment. It gives any interior design a luxury touch. This cozy homes interior decor is dominated by beauty, making it a highly appealing space. The area was painted in various shades of brown, from the walls to the roof. The gorgeous cream color in the luxury home interior design adds to the elegance of the space. Many people have fantasized about living in a posh metropolis, and the majority of them aspire to do so. The Best interior designer of Mumbai of Luxury Antonovich Design has created a concept where luxury meets contemporary in this luxury home interior design in INDIA. This interior design will help you stand out in Indias affluent city. With their charming sophisticated style, the exquisite furnishings and decors are really beautiful. The design has a unique beauty, abstract quality to it made by the Best interior design company in Mumbai.


Brown modern elements are resurfacing, and this opulent residence is no exception! The interior design of this magnificent property focuses on being ageless and elegant. This show-stopper was created by Luxury Antonovich Design and the Top interior design in Mumbai with the goal of completing a gorgeous setting. Luxury Antonovich Design has improved the interior design by placing high-end furnishings throughout the room. Everything youll need for the interior design of your luxury property may be found at Luxury Antonovich Design. This gorgeous luxury home interior design has an elegant and attractive interior design. The spaces predominant hues are a lovely brown and tan. The combination of these colors creates a magnificent environment that is ideal for luxury. The Best Residential interior designer in Mumbai and the interior decor of the opulent property is vast. Beautiful furniture designs in the room complete the aesthetic and contribute to the allure of this masterpiece. The furniture design is stunning, and its ideal for a high-end homes interior design. Luxury Antonovich Design has created a slew of luxury home interior designs for Indias wealthiest residents. Many professionals and clients in India and internationally have praised their ability to create the ideal home layout. One of them is this incredible luxury home design and Creative interior design ideas for Indian homes. From the colors to the furnishings and even the tiniest details, Luxury Antonovich Design can clearly develop your ideal home interior design plan.


Beautiful brown color accents give the luxury home interior design a touch of earth, while the walls add to the refined charm. The opulent home interior design, which features towering brown accents, provides everything you need to feel at peace while still being pampered. Beautiful furniture and decorations made of high-quality materials were also placed in the Interior design service in India to add to the luxurious interior designs extravagant mood. There is plenty of room to walk from the landscape to the outside. The home is also set out in a way that makes blue stand out even more. The spectacular area has its own Best interior design solutions for homes in India, which complements the luxury home interior design perfectly. Similarly, the interior design of a luxury home is unique and inviting. With its stunning Interior designer decorations in Mumbai that feel truly elegant and majestic, the sumptuous home is one of a kind. The addition of outstanding walls to the interior design of a luxury home is also advantageous. The gorgeous blue is also combined with brown, giving the modern luxury home interior design a particular touch. The interior is done in a similar manner, which is really pleasant. The rooms charm is enhanced by the presence of wonderful lighting.

Scope: Architecture & Interior Design

Project Location: Mumbai, India

Plot Size: 2.960 sq. ft

Build Size: 1,768 sq. ft

Architecture / Interior Style: Modern

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