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Best Classic Furniture Design Collection


Luxury furniture design is most related to ageless furniture design due to the elaborate art, carvings, and even every fabric element that has always been the first option in every large villa, flat, and hospitality company. There are many furniture businesses, but only a handful offer Italian furniture design with real Italian resources. Though most interior designers already have a list of the finest stores that sell Italian furniture, it is still critical for everyone who wants to know the right information and how to buy it.

Its nice to know that even Italian furniture businesses provide internet buying. Even in the comfort of your own home, you may browse Italian furniture and choose the perfect design for you. Italian furniture online buying is not only possible, but also available in any area of the world, and since the Italian furniture store, you can ensure the security and authenticity of the quality style and services. Dubai is well-known for being the top logistical coordinator in the world; Italian furniture stores have the complete capability of doing international exports from the Italian factory and producing right to your house.


Antonovich Group is an architecture and interior design business that also produces and manufactures luxury furniture. It also has a direct supply and manufacturing team in Italy that is completely capable of exporting to any country in the world. It has a trained and experienced staff that can handle all aspects of furniture sourcing, manufacture, delivery, and installation for any project by providing comprehensive interior design and project management services. We are prepared to offer concepts that will compliment any home design because we have close contact with real Italian furniture designers.

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