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Best bedroom designing


Purple is a regal color and when used right it will represent your spaces well. The modest design of an art-deco interior creates an elegant and luxurious look that takes you back to the 17th century. The timeless elegance of the neoclassical interior provides you amazing features that associates a unique lifestyle. 

  • Colors: The color in this bedroom is a bright and lively purple which adds a gentle chich look. The purple is one of the most regal colors that complement most of the neutral shades. You will also notice the gold accents added in this bedroom to add a little bit of contrasting dynamic to the whole aesthetic. 
  • Headboard: The headboard is the best feature which also sets as a focal point in the bedroom. It has a gold symmetrical border with intricate embellishment that also adds up to the neoclassical theme of the home. The pin styled velvet fabric in between the gold border is in magenta which adds a vibrant touch to the bedroom.
  • Furniture: The neoclassical furniture pieces are more complex but they have a symmetrical look. Mostly used with metal or wood with intricate embellishments. Ornaments with the floral or ornamental pattern are really popular in this kind of style. 
  • Decor: Each decor is unique making the look more personalized for each client. Out relaxed yet vibrant designs create a charming aura that represents your charming personality. 

You'll notice a more shabby chic like design which is derived from the Victorian era and Mediterranean styles. The opulent designs are luxurious and romantic. We make sure that the style is artistic with a touch of modern details. The more coordinated a bedroom is the more tranquil it is to sleep on it. 


The refined luxury of neoclassicism has refined and bold statements. Instead of a chandelier, our designers choose to put up a built-in LED lighting which illuminates the outline of the bed. Our team makes sure to coordinate the theme of the bedroom well. You'll notice that the primary color used is white, that is why the purple totally made the room stand out. This style works best especially if you want an airy space with a touch of a fancy decorative look. Luxury is not just about having the best material but it's mostly about what style you will add. We are here to help you choose carefully what design you truly love and what will reflect your character. We want to achieve a well-curated room which is balanced and tranquil. This room is soothing that it feels so comfortable and livable for everyone. The mirrors also add depth to the bedroom making it look bigger and luminous. The bed is fluffy and cozy which is perfect to sleep in after a loing and tiring day. 

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