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Best bedroom design San Francisco

Chocolate motifs with hints of bitter chocolate, milk, cocoa with milk and others attract the attention of interior designers, perhaps since mankind discovered this delicious product. The motives of pleasure, pleasant taste and delight in the interior of this bedroom was brought by using the accents of chocolate shades. In this version of the bedroom design, the brightest moment in the interior was the accent wall behind the headboard of the bed. Most of it is covered with a soft wall panel of dark chocolate color. A texture in large squares almost exactly repeats the outlines of chocolate bars. The authors of the project strengthen this chocolate mood with the help of textile design elements. Beautiful curtains in a modern style are made of natural silk of dark chocolate hue. And the bed decor simultaneously echoes with a soft textile panel and beautiful curtains. To soften these rather intense moments, interior designers use lighter and softer shades in the decor of the walls, the floor, and ceiling. And again this interior can be completely defined as very fashionable and stylish. The fashionable design of 2019 will be different for the geometric ornaments in the interiors. With the help of such patterns, interior designers achieve the originality of the decor, its exclusivity, and expressiveness. In this example, the authors of the project use ornaments almost everywhere in the interior of the bedroom quite boldly. Thin parallel lines of brass in the walls decor resonate with strips in the ceiling decoration.

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