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Royal Style bedroom design Lagos

Best bedroom design Lagos are chosen by the number of family members and their age. On this depends on the number of bedrooms in the house, the availability, and size of the dining room, kitchen or living room. Home plans are developed in preparation for the construction, even before the order or purchase of the project. A well-thought-out layout of the house is a pledge of comfort and convenience of the house in the future. The home plans are chosen based on the customers wishes, but at the same time taking into account the general principles of planning residential houses.

In order to understand how to make home plans, answer yourself the following questions:

Will you live in a house? Why do you need a private house?


When you plan to live in the house?

On weekends (country house);

Seasonally (winter summer house);

Permanently (home for permanent residence).

Planned number of people (families) living in the house

From the purpose of the house will depend on the requirements for home plans. The less time you will plan spent in a house, the easier to design it.

Having answers to the first two questions, you can start creating home plans:

Home plans are divided into “projects for one family” and “projects for two families.” Projects for two families are semi-detached houses with separate entrances and may or may not have common premises.

The more residents are supposed to be in the house, the more bedrooms and bathrooms should be in it, and also common rooms, such as a living room, a dining room, should be more spacious. If several generations are planned to settle in the house (for example, parents-children-adult grandchildren), then this assumes specific requirements for home plans. It is desirable to make the territory of each family as autonomous as possible. And the premise for older parents is better placed on the first floor. A ready project for such requirements may not be, there are not many of them.

If frequent guests are planned, you can provide guest rooms, but you need to remember that these rooms need to be serviced and cleaned all year round, regardless of whether someone lives in them and how often.

That for home plans is necessary?

Number of floors

The presence of the basement

Entrance or entrances to the house

The arrangement of rooms relative to the sides of the world, and relative to each other.

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