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Luxury Mansions by the Best Architect LA


In the fast-growing demand for Architecture and Interior Design works all over the World. Luxury Antonovich Design has been decided to spread out its capability to provide all the services and solution easily all over the world. We are very glad to inform all our followers and client that we have successfully opened our new office in the USA and soon will be rising another branch in Shanghai China. Though our Head office and Showroom in Dubai is continuously showcasing all our services, we have decided to be more hands-on and accessible to our international Clients. That is why we are continuously expanding to easily attend to all our Clients.

We are very proud to present this very fine Architecture situated in Los Angeles. Indeed, it was another work of artistic creation which is perfectly done with a luxurious Modern style finishing. The landscape area was spacious as the parking space is located on it already. The perfect elevation of this house has a proper balancing from the sizes of the windows and chosen Main Door scheme Design. The Entrance area was indeed grandeur as we have decorated it with a high-quality dark color Marbles. A set of plants with a beautiful pot has been well arranged as well. To make it more welcoming, we have installed a small fountain on the main entrance too. A small sitting area will be seen on the front of the exterior design. A wonderful swimming pool has been placed on the other part of the Landscape, It has been well designed with a Modern style fountain. A very relaxing pool chair has been displayed. On the fence wall, we have installed a natural plant to balance the natural mood of the area. A set of Natural plants has been scattered all around the Landscape area. A very fine and relaxing outdoor sitting area has been arranged next to the poolside. We have installed Modern style outdoor decorations made up of metallic hard materials. To complete this amazing Architectural Design, We have possible put up a barbecue, cooking area for an amazing bonding experience of the family.

This Architectural Design was indeed another Great achievement to the entire Team as we have successfully accomplished received the most positive review from the owner and exceed their satisfaction. Luxury Antonovich Design will endlessly Deliver all the best Architectural Design all over the world.

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