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Bedroom with baby area

This bedroom interior has a special character of true happiness and tenderness. Work on such projects is extremely interesting. After all, here interior designers had to combine a charm of luxury bedroom interior and gentle nursery for the baby.Design a bedroom with cradle becomes the perfect solution for new parents. Thus, comfortable and cozy feels as parents and child, are close by.Interior design bedroom in classic style with a hint of Art Deco.The palette of colors in pastel shades is perfect for rooms where little child a lot of time spends.Because of this thought through special lighting standards. The whole interior of the bedroom looks very comfortable, elegant and respectable.To visually expand the room relatively small area, interior designers use such proven and luxurious method as mirrored panels.In this interior decoration the panel behind the headboard of a large comfortable bed made of a large mirror with a delicate openwork ornament. Charmingly blended into interior a beautiful bed with high upholstered headboard, which is upholstered with natural leather of cream-pink hue. This solution also provides additional comfort for the baby, as leather does not collect a lot of dust.Against the background of pearly white walls looks great classical sconces and elegant boudoir table with a round mirror.Curtains made of natural silk pale peach hue become an amazing finishing touch to a charming bedroom interior.

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