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Beautiful home designs for Bedroom

Developing the interior of an elite apartment in classic style, Luxury Antonovich Design Studio designers envisaged all the nuances and all the moments in order to each room was a harmonious continuation of the overall interior design concept. Noble and aristocratic classic style allowed creating in the interior of the kitchen the charm of palace luxury. This is a perfect example of how beautiful you can make relatively small space luxurious. A medallion with stucco decorations elegantly looks in the decor of the ceiling which is decorated with a beautiful chandelier in the classical style. A deep niche with a soft line of backlighting visually makes the ceiling higher, and the interior is more elegant and light. The curtains played a big role in decorating the interior of the kitchen. Luxurious textiles of a silvery-blue shade with printed golden ornaments are attached to the soft folds of the drapery. Soft holders with large tassels charmingly complemented the composition also as the white curtains. The interior radiates a festive and solemn mood also thanks to a small dining area in the center of the kitchen. A white rectangular table with thin gilding lines is surrounded by soft chairs with a noble bearing. They are covered with textiles in the same color range as the curtains. Manufacturers of furniture and fabrics use materials with special impregnation, which are resistant to pollution and do not absorb odors. One of the walls is decorated with elite silk wallpaper in mother-of-pearl colors. A kitchen furniture with carved decor is equipped with modern technology and the latest storage systems. floor plans of mansions, four bedroom bungalow floor plan, four bedroom bungalow house plans, four bedroom floor plans

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